Alexander Soosai Appointed as Executive Chef for Komandoo Island Resort

Komandoo Island Resort is delighted to announce the promotion of Alexander Soosai to the esteemed  position of Executive Chef at Komandoo Island Resort & Spa, a distinguished member  of Crown and Champa Resorts. 

Chef Alex’s culinary journey began with the pursuit of excellence, obtaining his  Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering in 2005. He honed his skills as a commis  chef in some of India’s most prestigious 5-star hotels before embarking on his  Maldivian odyssey at Villa Hotels Royal Island Resort & Spa in 2008. Subsequently, he  enriched his culinary repertoire at Coco Palm Resorts and LUX* Maldives, where his  talent and dedication shone brightly. 

In 2011, Chef Alex assumed the role of Chef de Partie, further demonstrating his  culinary prowess at Lily Beach Resort & Spa. His tenure with Crown and Champa  Resorts commenced in 2016 at Komandoo Island Resort & Spa, where he ascended  through the ranks with diligence and determination. From Chef de Partie to Junior  Sous Chef in 2018, and later to Sous Chef in 2021, Chef Alex’s commitment to culinary  excellence and leadership has been unwavering. 

A testament to his culinary expertise, Chef Alex has earned 2 blue medals and 2 top  silver medals in prestigious culinary competitions in the Maldives. He is renowned for  his adept kitchen management skills, including impeccable time management,  meticulous attention to detail, and strong leadership qualities. Even under pressure,  Chef Alex maintains a steadfast focus and ensures that his team consistently delivers  high-quality cuisine, fostering a harmonious and efficient kitchen environment. 

“Assuming the role of Executive Chef at Komandoo Island Resort & Spa is a great  honor and privilege,” remarked Alexander Soosai. “My dedication lies in maintaining  the utmost standards of culinary brilliance and curating memorable dining experiences  for our valued guests.”