3 Ways to Build Business Resilience for Hotels & Resorts

The uncertainties brought by COVID-19 were a deadly blow to both livelihoods and bottom lines, and it continues into 2021. Many hotel and resort operators, in a bid to grab as much revenue as possible, continue to take “every and any booking” they can, often in desperation, leaving money on the table due to unnecessary […]

Basic, Better, Best: Low season revenue strategies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Low season; it’s a term no hotelier likes to hear. In times of lower demand, some hoteliers adopt the ‘busy hotel is a successful hotel’ strategy, accepting lower-rated business and relying on the in-house spend in food and beverage, spa, ancillary and more, to top up revenue. However, guests paying significantly lower room rates are […]