Baglioni Resort Maldives – An Italian Corner of Maldives

The tourism sector in the Maldives has been flourishing over the past 40 years, with many new resorts openings each year. There are many exquisite luxury resorts, some authentic ‘Maldivian’ properties, several rustic, quite a few family-oriented, and the list goes on. However, this country has not yet seen a 5 star Luxury Italian resort, which Baglioni Maldives proudly stands for. Baglioni has a total of ten properties, with six of them in Italy in the popular destinations of Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence and two in Punta Ala, one property in London, two in France and the latest property in the Maldives. The Maldives is known for its breathtaking islands and marine life, whereas Italy is well known for its hospitality, mouth watering food and flair. Baglioni Maldives is successfully bringing the best of both worlds together, allowing its guests to experience exceptional Italian hospitality in idyllic settings, which are the Maldivian islands.

The majority of the resorts in the Maldives are locally owned and operated or managed by international hospitality giants. It is uncommon for a resort to be owned, designed and managed by a family company, which is one of the main points which sets Baglioni Maldives apart from its competitors. Baglioni Hotels was founded in 1974 by Commendatore Roberto Polito, who opened their first resort in Punta Ala, Tuscany. Since then the company grew but remained family-owned and managed. Currently, Baglioni group has nine hotels, five in its native Italy, two in France, one in London and one in the Maldives. It is the latest addition to the family. One of the slogans of Baglioni Hotels is ‘Unforgettable Italian Touch’ and now they invite travelers to do the latter and whilst diving in the Maldives with them.

The journey to this new resort begins in an elegant lounge at the seaplane terminal, which is beautifully designed. On top of all the expected 5-star resort facilities such as wi-fi, books, selection of food and drinks, Italian espresso coffee, fresh orchids, spacious showers, it offers the guests to be checked-in to the resort prior to the actual arrival to the island. The knowledgeable staff will conduct the check-in process at the lounge,as well as give a briefing about the room category, meal plan and facilities on the island. This certainly is a very productive use of the time in the lounge, allowing guests to proceed to their room upon arrival to the resort without having to wait there for the formalities.

After a 40-minute seaplane ride, upon arriving at the beautiful island of Maagau, Dhaalu atoll, you are greeted by the team and whisked away to your Italian home on a Maldivian island, to one of the 96 villas on the island.

There are eight 65 sqm garden villas, thirty one 65 sqm beach villas, five 77 sqm pool grand beach villas, six 115 sqm pool suite beach villa, seventeen 60 sqm water villas, sixteen 60 sqm sunset water villas, nine 60 sqm pool water villas and last but not least, the 670 sqm Presidential water villa. Whether you wish to be nestled away in the tropical jungle in a tranquil garden villa, enjoy a family retreat in one of the three spacious 135 sqm family beach villas which can accommodate up to 4 adults and 4 children, or indulge in a romantic vacation in a private overwater villa – there is a diverse range of luxurious villa categories to suit all guests tastes.

After spending only a few hours on the island it already feels cozy and at ease, the island is very easy to navigate and the exceptionally friendly people greet you with a ‘Buongiorno’ wherever you go. Naturally, lush jungle provides privacy to the villas, and the stunning banyan trees decorate the paths. Dining options on the island include ‘Taste’, which is the main restaurant equipped for buffet and usually open for breakfast and dinner, serving international cuisine. ‘Umami’ is a Japanese outlet, with a selection of sushi and Tappaniyaki as well, located over water, guests will enjoy an amazing view of the island and the lagoon as well as the food. ‘Gusto’ restaurant, situated above the pool bar and overlooking the lagoon offers an authentic Italian menu with emphasis on seafood. Exquisite Positano crockery used at Gusto deserves a special mention, it completes the Italian dining experience perfectly. Downstairs you will find the Pool bar open all day and evening, serving both Italian including real Italian Pizza and International dishes and is home to the evening live music entertainment.

The Spa is just around the corner from here. With a 24 hour well equipped Life Fitness, openair wooden yoga pavilion and tranquil treatment rooms it is a true Italian oasis in a tropical setting. Insium is the main cosmetics range used at the spa. New to the Maldives, this exclusive cosmetics range is also family-owned, just like Baglioni group. It is a skincare brand that encompasses aesthetic, technological and environmental values. INSÌUM treatments are made with vegan and cruelty-free products.

Baglioni Maldives is one of the four resorts in the Maldives which are part of the Leading Hotels of the World. Since 1928 when Leading Hotels of the World organization was established by a group of influential and forward-thinking European hoteliers, it has been famous for only accepting exquisite and uncommon properties into its members, such as former castles, mountain hideaways, safari camps and private islands. Baglioni Maldives, of course, falls into the latter category, however, it is not enough for the resort to be on a private to be included into LHW. Each property has to offer authentic bespoke experiences and pass an exceptionally prudent review, to actually become a member.

LHW pride themselves on “selecting hotels specifically with curious travelers in mind to meet their high standards for quality and distinctiveness. The result is a curated portfolio of independent hotels united not by what makes them the same, but the remarkable details that make them different.” Baglioni Maldives definitely falls into the above description and proudly offers a one-of-a-kind blend of easy-going beach vibes and Italian style.