Coconut Spa: From the creation to the latest Evolution

It was a “liaison amoureuse” for the Pelta’s; a connection of love that brought them together, a “passionner” for diving, for massages, and more importantly, their “l’amour” for the paradisiacal islands of the Maldives; Those are the ingredients that Coconut Spa is made of.

It came together with the launch of the Coconut Spa products in July 2002, and the opening of the spa school in Bali the same year.

“They wanted to experience all of what they loved from the same place. My father had the touch for business, and my mother had the knowledge and artistic background; it was the perfect combination, one that was the proud realisation of several spas in the Maldives,” says Stephanie Pelta, the Managing Director of Coconut Spa.

The spas began operations in small Maldivian-style huts with thatched roofs, using materials signature to the Maldives and its environment, with the sounds of the ocean as the score. Soon it became very popular, the spa-goers loved it, and it evolved from there.

“It wasn’t just a spa, it was a brand. It started with just one, but in just two years we had five, and it went on and on,” Stephanie adds. At one point, Coconut Spas were being operated out of 11 resorts across the country. The difference was that Coconut Spa had its own brand of products.

“All our products are designed at a factory in Indonesia, and we strictly avoid the use of any harmful chemicals. This is the reason why there aren’t any allergies related to the use of our products,” Stephanie explains. Though the product line is currently available at Coconut Spa outlets, they will soon be opened up to the globe.

For Coconut Spa, operating a spa means providing the full experience. And this cannot be made possible without a good beginning. This is where the spa school run by Coconut Spa comes in. The therapists who work at Coconut Spa outlets are hand-picked and undergo rigorous training to ensure the quality of its service.

As a means of expansion and its contribution to the growth of the spa industry, Coconut Spa is now looking to provide consultancy to new and budding spas; be it guesthouses seeking to set up a spa from scratch, or established resorts looking for expert advice. With over seventeen years’ experience in setting up and operating spas, with the addition of carrying its own product line, Coconut Spa is one of the aces of the trade in the country.

We recently started selling our own line of products with success as the demand for well-recognised spa products is increasing in the country. We have also started our consulting services. Our clients have been very eager to learn from our experience. There are a couple of ways we can be of assistance; we can assist new and upcoming resorts to set up their spas, we can guide hotels and resorts to upgrade and enhance their existing spas, and set up spa menus and help with the marketing too,” says Stephanie, explaining the various services provided by Coconut Spa in a consulting role.

One of its momentous achievements is the Coconut Spa in Reethi Faru Resort—a luxury escape on the secluded, pristine and private island of Filaidhoo in Raa Atoll. It was recently crowned the Luxury Resort Spa Award at the 2019 World Luxury Spa Awards.

“We had a lot of say when it came to Reethi Faru Resort; from the initial design stage to set up and operations. You have to think about every little detail to make it work. Creating a spa is about creating an ambience, and the guests loved it,” Stephanie adds.

Why consult with Coconut Spa? For its aptitude in the field, and expert knowledge in setting up and operating spas in the Maldives. For its dedication to indulging the full spa experience, and bequeathing its specialist knowledge and know-how to pave the way for the success of the industry.