Dusit Thani Maldives: Sustainability meets the Power Knot LFC Bio-Digester

Roughly, a third of edible food produced for consumption is lost or wasted, accounting to 1.3 billion tonnes per year. While there are various methods to safely discard biodegradable and organicn waste, the general practice exercised in a number of hotels and resorts across the country is to dump it in the ocean. While this […]

Veligaa Corporate Customer Centre: Partnership, innovation, and knowledge at your reach

The need for you to look further is no more when you can satisfy all your hardware requirements from the same vendor. What began as a small hardware outlet in the heart of Malé is today a well-known brand that serves everyone, in all walks of life, providing materials and tools required for minor repairs […]

Coconut Spa: From the creation to the latest Evolution

It was a “liaison amoureuse” for the Pelta’s; a connection of love that brought them together, a “passionner” for diving, for massages, and more importantly, their “l’amour” for the paradisiacal islands of the Maldives; Those are the ingredients that Coconut Spa is made of. It came together with the launch of the Coconut Spa products […]

Hotel Ocean Grand: Luxury, comfort and serenity with a view!

It is daybreak, as you stand in the balcony sipping from a hot cup of coffee, the cold and refreshing zephyr in your hair, as you gaze upon the captivating scenes unfolding in front of your eyes; the conifers and palm trees rocking back and forth with the wind, the waves crashing on the distant […]

Iyashi Dôme: Embrace the future of spa, or risk being left behind!

Feeling great, while looking even greater is the new “in thing.” Most of the trends today are focused on achieving this result; good vibes only, while enjoying that beach-worthy body year-round. It is all about mind and body. And how does one accomplish this? The list of trends keeps growing, but let’s start with exercise […]

Chef Bruno Menard: Weaving Michelin-starred magic on the shores of Maldives

The story of the French restaurant L’Osier is inscribed on his left forearm, in the shape of three very distinctive stars; he wears them on his sleeve with pride. They represent one of his most significant accomplishments. The restaurant tucked away in Tokyo’s Ginza district was awarded the highest distinction—the three-star rating—since the first year […]

Beyond Menus: Redefining breakfast and sundowners

The definition of luxury has evolved throughout history. Objects once marked by opulence and extravagance were defined as a luxury, but today’s discerning consumers expect more from brands. While some take pride in finding these luxury goods, for others, luxury means ensuring the goods they consume are sustainable and ethical—on the other hand, Millenials and […]

Raffaella Colleoni, General Manager, The Barefoot Eco Hotel

With a fascination for the world of travel and hospitality, the exuberant Raffaella Colleoni started out in the industry when she was very young. Her captivation with travel took her across the globe with her family, and after studies in language and tourism, she finally joined the hospitality bandwagon at the age of 21. A […]

A.V.S. appointed as BBM’s new COO

Bestbuy Maldives (BBM) has welcomed A.V.S. Subrahmanyam as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) in June. Maldives would be the seventh country he would be calling ‘home,’ having previously completed expat managerial assignments in Russia, Malaysia, UAE, Sri Lanka and Fiji. AVS holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, preceded by an MA […]

Martin van der Reijden, Vice President Operations, CROSSROADS Maldives & General Manager, SAii Lagoon Maldives

Martin van der Reijden is a dynamic hotelier with strong food & beverage and operations knowledge and an excellent range of international experience across all sectors of the hospitality industry. Spending many years with Hilton Worldwide, mostly in the operational department, Martin is an expert on renovations, rebranding and new openings, ending his 16-year-long stint […]

Constance Halaveli Maldives celebrates 10 years of excellence

Constance Halaveli marks an incredible milestone as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in providing quintessential hospitality and luxury experience. At Constance Hotels and Resorts, genuine passion for hospitality has always been in our DNA and Constance Halaveli coins this passion with classic Maldivian hospitality allowing to create the fondest of emotions. With its new […]


The name itself portrays an important aspect in architecture: Riyan (27”) is the most convenient size traditionally used in architecture and primary linear measurement in building houses and boats. And it is at the core of the services offered at Riyan Pvt Ltd – a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm based in the Maldives – with over […]