A Day in the Life of Roshan Pereira

Roshan Pereira, a native of Colombo, Sri Lanka, embarked on his career in hospitality in 1996 with the Riverina Hotel in Aluthgama. After a stint at Jet Wing Hotel in Galle, Roshan came to Diamonds Athuruga in 2003 as a bar waiter, through an opportunity he received from a relative working with Trans Maldivian Airways. Five years later, he received a promotion and transferred to Thudufushi where he works as a bar supervisor.

0700 hrs. – I usually wake up around 7. Before doing anything else, it’s important for me to think positively. I then prepare myself for the day ahead, have a quick shower and dress for work.

0730 hrs. – I have some breakfast before heading to the main bar.

0745 hrs. – At the bar, I make inspections and speak with my teammates, give them the day’s briefing. I have nine people who work under me.

0800 hrs. – I inspect the water villa bar and the beach bar.

0900 hrs. – I meet with the resort’s management.

0930 hrs. – I go back to the main bar, talk to teammates, check for any issues. If I notice anything amiss, I will fix it and go over it with my teammates later in the day. Then I send my teammates for their break and handle the orders myself.

1030 hrs. – The main bar closes and I move to the beach bar.

1130 hrs. – I take a small break. This is when I usually do my paperwork if there is any, and find new cocktails. Also, if we have a special cocktail party that day, I’ll be organising it during this time.

1200 hrs. – It’s time for lunch.

1300 hrs. – I return to work, prepare the main bar’s display for the lunch service. I’ll be working here until 3 p.m. I will also be monitoring the water villa bar and beach bar during this time.

1530 hrs. – I take a break till 6 p.m. This is when I indulge in my hobby (dancing). I might also catch a movie or watch a cricket match if there is time.

1800 hrs. – I go back to work at the main bar. I also carry out inspections of the water villa bar and the beach bar.

1830 hrs. – I will be stationed at the main bar, making drinks for guests with my teammates; a waiter and a helper. We’ll be doing this till midnight.

0000 hrs. – My work is done and I have a final briefing with my teammates. We’ll go over the day’s events, what went well, what went wrong, and I will advise them on how to improve their performance and encourage them to do their best.

0030 hrs. – Time for bed. I fall asleep almost instantly after a hard day’s work.