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In the ever-evolving universe of hospitality, where every moment shapes cherished memories, DERBAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED (DERBAL) has been a visionary force for eight remarkable years. Committed to crafting perfection, DERBAL has emerged as an industry luminary, defining the pinnacle of hotel supply services. As we celebrate this monumental milestone, we invite you to embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of our narrative—a journey marked by unswerving dedication to enriching guest experiences.

At the core of DERBAL’s ethos lies an extensive spectrum of offerings, intricately curated to cater to the myriad facets of the hospitality landscape. Anchored in the vision of being a one-stop destination for hotels’ diverse needs, we have become synonymous with quality, innovation, and a relentless drive to exceed expectations. With a footprint spanning more than 2000 hotels, DERBAL’s impact traverses the globe, enriching guest experiences from opulent resorts to intimate boutique.

Housekeeping Tricycle - Convenient and Efficient Solution for Resort Housekeepers (1)

Our digital presence, embodied by,, and, mirrors our journey. It stands as a testament to our enduring evolution and our seamless integration into the very fabric of the hospitality narrative.

Hotel Amenities Hotel Luggage Trolley Hotel Ground Ash Barrel Hotel Luggage Rack Hotel Cloths Hanger
 Hotel Bedding&Linen Hotel Dustbin Hotel Shower Room Ice Bucket Hair Dryer
Bath Scales Golf Umbrella Pool Floating Serving Tray Beach Cruiser Room Slippers
Amenity Dispenser Bottle Coffee Mugs&Saucers Coffee Mugs&Saucers Housekeeping Tricycle Resort Pens
LifeJacket&Life Rings Electric Commercial Food Tricycle Chair and table Mosaic wall tiles Rattan furniture
Hotel Gym Equipment Hammock Festive Decoration Kids Club Toys&Gift Sun Bed&Side Table

From the very moment a guest enters, our offerings become silent architects of their experience. The Hotel Luggage Trolley, a fusion of grace and utility, extends a dignified welcome. The Hotel Ground Ash Barrel, seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetics, blends harmoniously while upholding cleanliness. The Hotel Luggage Rack transcends mere functionality, becoming an emblem of elegance. The Hotel Clothes Hanger, adorned with attire, is a prelude to the moments waiting to be cherished.

Derbal beach Cruise Bike Derbal Amenity Kit DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray (3)
E-Bike (4) Raffia Flip Flop (3) Sports Drink Bottle (11)

DERBAL’s product range extends beyond physicality; it encapsulates the essence of comfort and luxury. The Hotel Bedding & Linen orchestrates a symphony of indulgence, cocooning guests in a haven of tranquility. The unassuming Hotel Dustbin fulfills the role of a silent custodian, ensuring an immaculate ambiance. The Hotel Kettle extends warmth, while the Ice Bucket stands poised for celebratory moments. The Hair Dryer and Scales ensure convenience, guaranteeing a seamless and comfortable stay.


Beyond the confines of guest rooms, our offerings transcend into realms of relaxation and leisure. The Golf Umbrella becomes an ally, shielding guests from nature’s whims. The Pool Floating Serving Tray transforms aquatic leisure into an art form. The Beach Cruiser beckons for leisurely exploration, capturing the essence of discovery. The Room Slippers offer solace, echoing the comfort of home.

DERBAL Outdoor Banquet Chairs and Table Set - Waterproof Aluminum and Rope Design for Stylish Outdoor Dining (2)

DERBAL’s innovation extends beyond the tangible; it intertwines with the very essence of service. The Amenity Dispenser Bottle revolutionises convenience, ensuring that guests’ needs are met effortlessly. Coffee Mugs & Saucers extend an invitation to contemplation, while Disposable Bowls & Cups harmonise convenience with sustainability. The Housekeeping Tricycle epitomises efficiency, weaving through corridors silently. Resort Pens, seemingly unassuming yet profoundly significant, capture tales, preserving aspirations and memories.

Outdoor Net PE Furniture

Safety finds expression in the Life Jacket & Life Rings, steadfast guardians of aquatic adventures. Urban mobility is redefined through the Electric Commercial Tricycle, an embodiment of efficiency and forward-thinking. Conversations flow naturally under the canopy of Chair and Table ensembles, nurturing connections and fostering memories. Mosaic Wall Tiles bear witness to artistic expression, transforming walls into living canvases. The Rattan Furniture, a fusion of form and function, epitomises timeless elegance and durability.

treadmill with tv screen and wifi (3)

As DERBAL commemorates this pivotal 8-year anniversary, our vision remains steadfastly focused on the horizon of innovation. We envision a future where every amenity resonates with the aspirations of hoteliers, where our offerings evolve harmoniously with the ever-shifting dynamics of the hospitality landscape.

DERBAL Guestroom Slippers

For more information on their products and services, visit DERBAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED at Your guests deserve nothing less than the best, and DERBAL is here to make it happen.

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