Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: the only luxury coconut oil product from the Maldives

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Frella is a rapidly growing signature Maldivian brand developed by COSMERC. The brand’s luxury health care product ranges are centred on the holistic approach to wellness, and all Frella products are extracted from natural ingredients.

Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a real and pure coconut oil manufactured with no additives or preservatives. In order to preserve the oil’s natural properties and numerous health and beauty benefits, Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted using the cold press method. The oil is also unrefined.

In harmony with COSMERC’s vision of manufacturing herbal, holistic and sustainable products that are friendly to the environment, Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes in refillable luxury vacuum sealing bottles. The vacuum sealing on these bottles also ensures that no impurities come in contact with the oil, allowing the oil to be stable for up to two years from the production date.

Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the only coconut oil product from the Maldives that is USDA, EU ORGANIC and GMP Certified. And although Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been in the market for just over a year, the product has so far received a highly favourable response from its customers. Currently, Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is being used at more than 30 spas in the Maldives.

Frella also offers the option of customization to its customers. This allows customers to have their branding elements on the bottles and packaging making Frella an ideal brand for the hotels and resorts that need to provide a unified brand experience to their customers.

In addition to the Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Frella also produces an herbal tea and spa product range as well as a gift shop product and incense range. Apart from the Maldives, these products are also available for customers in the Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Upcoming additions to the all-natural and holistic Frella ranges include an extra virgin coconut oil coffee scrub and an extra virgin coconut oil Himalayan salt scrub.

The product range of Frella is currently being developed to have a wider range of consumable cosmetics which is an innovative trend. Following Frella Extra Virgin Coconut Oil’s success in the Maldives, COSMERC is also currently making plans to take the Frella brand to the global audience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]