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Global Wellness Day 2024: Maldives celebrates health, happiness

On Saturday, June 8th, over one billion people worldwide were touched by Global Wellness Day 2024. This international celebration, established in 2012 by Belgin Aksoy, is a not-for-profit social project dedicated to promoting a healthier and improved life. Global Wellness Day aims to focus individuals and society on living well, achieving inner peace, and overcoming detrimental habits and stressors. Celebrated annually on the second Saturday of June, it involves millions of participants in over 170 countries, engaging in diverse activities.

This year marked the first year for Julia Ivankovich, co-founder of Bliss Maldives and Global Wellness Day ambassador in the Maldives, who expressed immense excitement at the enthusiastic participation from numerous resorts and the diverse nationalities that united for the occasion. It was a day filled with joy for both children and adults, showcasing the community’s diversity and strength. The ambassador extended gratitude to the supporters in Hulhumalé, who contributed their time, energy, and positivity to make the day memorable.

Wellness is about taking small daily steps, but a single day can significantly impact one’s life. With the theme #MagentaNature, the activities aimed to inspire healthier habits, provide moments of self-reflection, and unite the community. The ambassador’s primary goal was to make wellness accessible to everyone, emphasising that health and happiness should be universally enjoyed. The hope is that the wellness initiatives from June 8th will integrate into daily routines, with plans underway for more wellness opportunities leading up to Global Wellness Day 2025.

Among the numerous activities, the arts and crafts sessions for children using recycled materials and ocean energy stood out. A mindful breathing workshop provided a 60-second break from daily routines, introducing new breathing techniques and promoting present-moment awareness. Professionals shared their expertise and lifetime missions, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.

Children’s wellness was a central concern, with activities designed to create long-lasting, positive experiences based on natural health and happiness. These included distributing green apples and offering organic sparkling tea for a communal celebration. These moments fostered learning, connection, and a sense of responsibility for the world and its people.

As a first-time Global Wellness Day ambassador and a proud Maldivian resident, the ambassador extended heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported and participated in making the day a success. Special appreciation was given to the local community participants, especially the parents who brought their children, for their enthusiastic and energetic involvement in celebrating Global Wellness Day.

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