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GreenpathGreenPath Pvt. Ltd is the leading provider of cleaning and sanitation solutions to the Maldivian hospitality industry. Although the company was established in 2012, GreenPath encompasses over 20 years of experience in the cleaning and sanitation field, and currently caters to around 70% of the resorts in Maldives.

“Our policy is to be the number one company in the Maldives helping resorts achieve their goals in the area of cleaning and sanitation”, says GreenPath’s General Manager Sven Michel. GreenPath’s products and services are mainly used in the housekeeping, kitchen and laundry departments of hospitality establishments, and according to Sven, the company functions with a very different business model and follows strict protocols in order to ensure that all the necessary parameters are in place. “We ensure that the laundry process is efficient, that the machinery is working correctly, and the dosages are correct” says Sven while providing examples of GreenPath’s quality assurance measures. GreenPath also conducts cleaning and sanitation related training in the F&B and laundry fields.

Having catered to the Maldivian hospitality industry for over two decades, the company has grown to be one that is flexible and innovative with a well-rounded understanding of the cleaning and sanitation needs of the Maldivian tourism industry. “We have grown along the Maldivian workforce. It’s an interesting and fun thing”, says Sven while recalling the journey from catering to their first client Club Faru in 1996 to acquiring 70% of the market share today. “We did this by actively going out there”, explains Sven. According to him, delivering value added products and services to its customers, being continuously innovative and being highly reliable are some of the key factors that have contributed to the company’s success.

“We are always providing the latest products and technology”, says Sven while describing the global brands in the GreenPath’s product line; such as Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. “Our products are Green seal certified. 30 years ago nobody thought of the environment, but today it’s on the agenda. We try to provide as much environment friendly solutions as possible”, says Sven while noting that although there are solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment, there are no solutions available that have a zero impact. According to Sven, GreenPath is always looking to deliver pioneering products and solutions. One such solution is the low temperature wash technology which minimizes energy loss. Sven also describes some of the cleaning and sanitization products provided by GreenPath that include 100% active ingredients and no liquids. The product is diluted using the water from the resorts, and this in addition to having a minimal environmental impact reduces transportation costs as well. According to him, the products that contain liquid normally have a large quantity of water and customers end up paying for the transportation of water from one country to the other.

Sven uses the analogy of “train jumpers” to describe the biggest challenge faced by the company. While some are travelling on the train to get from point A to point B by having paid for their tickets, the train jumpers simply jump on the moving train. “Competitors are wonderful, they make us be on our toes, but train jumpers downgrade the market, the workforce and knowledge”, explains Sven. “We do honest work and we are successful”, Sven adds. According to Sven, since train jumpers often lack knowledge and know-how, damages are caused to the properties of their clients and often GreenPath receives the task of remedying the situation. “When a train jumper sells a product and it damages a surface, we have to try and fix it. And there are instances where the damage done cannot be fixed”, says Sven.

GreenPath is committed to a path of continuous improvement and innovation. The company is intent on continuing to provide value added services and products that constantly adapt to the growing demands and needs of their clients. “What we did good today, let’s do it better tomorrow, that’s our plan for the future”, says Sven.