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Hotelier Maldives to host GM Forum 2024 on Sept 19 on luxury travel future

Hotelier Maldives is set to host the General Managers (GM) Forum 2024, focusing on the dynamic theme ‘The Evolving Luxury Landscape’. Scheduled for September 19, 2024, the forum will be a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and discussions aimed at navigating the changing tides of luxury travel in the Maldives.

The forum will kick off with a deep dive into the psyche of the new luxury traveller. Panelists will dissect the evolving demographics and psychographics, shedding light on the sustainability-focused travellers, wellness seekers, and tech-savvy guests. The rise of digital luxury will also be a hot topic, with experts exploring the impact of digital marketing, influencer partnerships, and social media in attracting and engaging the affluent wanderlust.

As luxury transcends traditional boundaries, the discussions will venture ‘Beyond the Villa’, exploring emerging trends such as private islands, underwater experiences, and eco-lodges. The forum will also address sustainable luxury, challenging GMs to integrate eco-friendly practices that resonate with environmentally conscious guests. The future of guest experience will be envisioned with innovative service personalisation, curated activities, and the latest technology.

The art of personalising guest itineraries to create unforgettable journeys will be a focal point. Panelists will share insights on curating authentic local experiences that weave Maldivian culture into the fabric of luxury. The adventurous luxury traveler’s desire for beyond-the-resort experiences will be met with discussions on partnerships with local artisans and cultural immersion.

The forum will feature a diverse panel composition, including hoteliers, travel agents, marketing specialists, and sustainability consultants, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives. An interactive format will engage the audience through Q&A sessions, polls, and breakout discussions, fostering an environment of active participation. Case studies highlighting the innovations of other hospitality groups in the luxury travel space will serve as a beacon for the industry.

The GM Forum 2024 is poised to be a cornerstone event for general managers and industry professionals, offering a roadmap to the future of luxury travel in the Maldives. By focusing on these pivotal topics, the forum will equip attendees with the insights and tools necessary to lead the way in an ever-evolving market.

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