Hotels & Resorts Investment Maldives partners with MEYER Floating Solutions to revolutionise luxury real estate and tourism

Hotels & Resorts Investment Maldives (HRIM) and MEYER Floating Solutions have announced an exciting partnership aimed at transforming the tourism and luxury real estate sectors in the Maldives. This collaboration will introduce cutting-edge and luxurious floating products to the resort and luxury real estate market, offering unparalleled experiences and ownership opportunities.

With a shared vision for innovation, sustainability, and luxury, HRIM and Finland-headquartered MEYER Floating Solutions aim to provide a unique and environmentally conscious way to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Maldives. This partnership marks the beginning of a revolutionary approach to construction, emphasising offsite manufacturing techniques to ensure shorter delivery times and minimise environmental impact.

The luxury resort hospitality products developed through this collaboration are designed to seamlessly integrate function, luxury, and sustainability. These floating properties will not only minimise the burden on the environment but also offer breathtaking living spaces with panoramic sea views, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings of the Maldives.

To commemorate the signing of the memorandum of understanding, a prestigious gathering was held at Kurumba Maldives on Wednesday, bringing together industry leaders, investors, and stakeholders. This event served as the launchpad for a transformative partnership that promises to revolutionise the resort and luxury real estate market in the Maldives.

The first flagship project of this partnership will be the development of 13 exclusive villas at Villivaru Island Resort and Spa, conveniently located just a short boat ride away from the Maldives’ main Velana International Airport. These luxurious properties will serve as a showcase for high-end resorts across the Maldives, offering residences and overwater assets that exemplify the epitome of luxury real estate.

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