India May Soon Replace Russia as Maldives Top Source Market

India may soon replace Russia as Maldives top source market. According to the latest arrival numbers by the Ministry of Tourism, 91,587 Russian tourists and 89,619 Indian tourists have visited Maldives this year. With a difference of less than 2,000 arrivals, India could regain its position as Maldives top source market. Last year, India was Maldives top source market with 241,369 arrivals, followed by Russia with 201,957 arrivals.

Russian arrivals have slowly been decreasing since the beginning of the year. In January, 20,966 Russian tourists visited Maldives. This number slightly increased in February, with 21,568 arrivals. The number decreased in March with 20,313 tourists and 18,493 tourists in April. As of May 24, only 9,548 Russian tourists arrived in Maldives this month.

The arrival of spring and warmer weather, Russians may be less inclined to vacation in Maldives during the summer months. Russian travelers may also be choosing to forgo a luxury holiday to Maldives with ongoing sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.

Indian arrivals peaked in February but have been growing monthly since. In January 17,020, Indian tourists visited the Maldives. Indian arrivals peaked in February with 19,497 tourists. In March and April, 18,099 and 18,570 tourists arrived, respectively. As of May 24, 16,424 Indian tourists have arrived in Maldives this month.

With significantly more arrivals in May and steady growth, India may soon overtake Russia as Maldives’ top source market.

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