JA Manafaru’s Hassan Shareef on developing talent, creating supportive culture

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create a luxury resort experience that leaves you breathless, look no further than Hassan Shareef, or Sharie, as he is fondly called by his colleagues and friends. Sharie is the Director of Talent & Culture at JA Manafaru Maldives, a stunning island paradise that offers unparalleled hospitality and service to its guests. But Sharie is more than just a director; he is a visionary, a mentor, and a leader who has dedicated his life to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence in the hospitality industry.

Sharie’s journey began at Kurumba Maldives, where he started as a Human Resources Coordinator and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Assistant Human Resources Manager. His passion, work ethic, and skills caught the attention of many, and soon he was offered the opportunity to join Huvafen Fushi as the Assistant Human Resources Manager. There, he proved his mettle and was promoted to the Human Resources Manager within eight months.

Sharie’s next destination was Amilla Fushi, where he continued to impress with his performance and vision. He started as the Human Resources Manager and then became the Director of Human Resources, overseeing the development and growth of the staff and the resort. Sharie’s achievements did not go unnoticed, and he was invited to join JA Manafaru Maldives as the Director of Talent & Culture, a role that he describes as his dream job.

As the Director of Talent & Culture, Sharie is responsible for not only managing the human resources functions of the resort, but also creating and maintaining a positive and productive work environment where everyone feels valued and motivated. Sharie believes that the key to success is investing in people and their potential, and he strives to provide career guidance, training, and opportunities for his team members. “I want to help them achieve their goals and dreams, and become the future leaders of the hospitality industry,” he says.

Sharie’s leadership style is a blend of empathy, strategy, and resilience. He is always ready to face any challenge and find a solution, whether it is a staff issue, a guest complaint, or a logistical problem. He is also known for his cheerful and helpful attitude, and his genuine smile that brightens up any room. “I love what I do, and I want to share that joy with everyone,” he says.

Sharie is also a master organizer and planner, who ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently at the resort. He is involved in every aspect of the resort’s operations, from recruitment and retention, to staff welfare and engagement, to guest satisfaction and feedback. He is also the driving force behind the resort’s social and recreational activities, such as sports, games, and parties, that foster a sense of camaraderie and fun among the staff.

Sharie’s colleagues and friends describe him as a hardworking, inspiring, and supportive leader, who always goes the extra mile to help others. They admire his dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism, and they appreciate his friendship and guidance. “Sharie is not just a boss, he is a friend, a brother, and a role model,” says one of his team members.

Sharie’s story is an inspiring one, that shows how a humble and passionate young man from Maldives rose to become one of the most respected and influential figures in the luxury hospitality sector. Sharie is not just a director of talent and culture, he is a creator of magic, who makes JA Manafaru Maldives a place where vacation dreams come true.