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Maldives’ 2023 tourist arrivals exceed 1.8m target by 78,537

Tourist arrivals in the Maldives for 2023 crossed the government’s projected estimate of 1.8 million by 78,537.

The government had initially anticipated 1.8 million tourist arrivals for the year, a goal that was achieved on schedule. According to the Tourism Ministry’s statistics, 2023 witnessed the highest influx of tourists in the nation’s history, totalling 1,878,537 arrivals. This marked a notable increase from the 1.6 million arrivals recorded in 2022.

Among the prominent source countries, India and Russia emerged as the top contributors, each sending 209,100 tourists to the Maldives in 2023. Following closely were China, the UK, and Germany, with significant contributions of 187,118, 155,730, and 135,090 tourists, respectively. Italy trailed with a substantial 118,412 visitors.

Statistical data revealed that by the end of last year, the Maldives hosted 176 resorts, 809 guesthouses, 146 safari vessels, and 14 hotels, all catering to the thriving tourism industry.

Cover photo: Avas Online

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