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Maldives attracts over 500,000 tourists in 2024

Over 500,000 tourists arrived in Maldives as of Wednesday, making it 25% of this year’s tourism target.

According to figures released by the Tourism Ministry, 524,339 tourists have arrived in Maldives so far this year.

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal said on social media that 25% of the tourism target has been achieved.

“This is the result of the joint efforts of all those working in the tourism sector,” he said.

According to the Tourism Ministry, an average of more than 6,600 tourists arrive in Maldives daily.

  • From March 1 to 19, 114,562 tourists arrived in Maldives
  • 113,484 tourists during the same period last year

5 countries with the highest market shares: 

  1. China
  2. Russia
  3. Italy
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany

The government aims to attract 2 million tourists this year. Faisal estimates that the number will increase to more than 2 million with the promotion of tourism.

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