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Maldives diplomatic missions to promote tourism

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moosa Zameer, has outlined a new focus for Maldives missions abroad, emphasising the promotion of tourism and the pursuit of investment opportunities.

In an interview with PSM News, Minister Zameer highlighted President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s prioritisation of economic development, a focus evident in the President’s three trips abroad. Minister Zameer mentioned that the foreign ministry, along with 19 offices including Maldives embassies and missions, is actively working to attract investments and boost tourist arrivals in line with President Mohamed Muizzu’s directives.

Furthermore, Minister Zameer revealed plans to organise missions to monitor global economic shocks that may impact the Maldives’ tourism industry. He expressed readiness to increase the number of staff in missions, if necessary, to enhance efforts in promoting tourism, particularly in regions such as Europe and China. Minister Zameer acknowledged previous intentions to undertake such initiatives but acknowledged limited progress. He highlighted the upcoming Maldives embassy in Türkiye, which will concentrate on promoting trade, investment, and tourism.

President Muizzu, who has visited Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and China since taking office, engaged in discussions during these trips aimed at promoting tourism and exploring increased investment opportunities. Notably, investors from these countries have expressed interest in investing in the Maldives.

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