Maldives named world’s most sustainable country

New research has revealed the countries leading the race to net zero, with the Maldives among the countries leading the transition.

The study, conducted by experts at DriveElectric, analysed the annual emissions, GDP and net zero targets to determine the countries that will reach net zero first, as well as the world’s worst offenders.

By 2030, the Maldives, Barbados, Dominica, and Mauritania aim to be completely net zero. This is sooner than any other country in the world. The Maldives has solidified its net zero targets in law, while Barbados and Dominica have pledged their targets in policy documents. Meanwhile, Mauritania’s target remains a proposal.

Closely behind the top four, Finland aims to be net zero by 2035, with the target solidified into law. With a GDP of $297.3 billion and annual emissions of around 39 million tons, Finland has one of the largest economies and the highest carbon dioxide outputs of all the nations at the forefront of the race to net zero. Finland’s annual CO2 output is over nine times that of Mauritania, presenting a difficult task to reach carbon neutrality just five years later.

Austria, Iceland, and Antigua and Barbuda aim to be net zero by 2040, sooner than most other countries worldwide. For Austria and Iceland, the target is in law, while for Antigua and Barbuda, the target has been written into policy documentation.

The study also looked at the countries that produce the most CO2 emissions each year.

The biggest CO2 producer in the world is China. In 2021 China produced approximately 12.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, making an immense contribution to global pollution. China aims to be net zero by 2060, making it one of the last ten countries in the world to reach this goal if all targets are met.

The United States is at the forefront of CO2 production. The country emitted around 4.8 billion tons of CO2 in 2021, making it the world’s second-worst culprit in this area. The country aims to reach net zero by 2050.

The third largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions in the world is India, where around 2.6 billion tons of CO2 are released annually. With a high level of annual carbon dioxide emissions, it’s no surprise that India is the last country expected to reach net zero, tied with Ghana.

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