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Maldives plans 5 resorts in Kaafu Atoll for tourism diversification

The Visitor Economy Council, established after the new government’s inaugural cabinet meeting, is set to initiate the development of five resorts in the Kaafu atoll, aiming to broaden the spectrum of tourism in the Maldives.

Tasked with promoting diverse tourism sectors across the nation, the council’s focus extends beyond traditional tourism, encompassing areas such as health, transportation, education, and establishing Maldives as a tourism brand.

During a conference where decisions from the council’s recent session were shared, President’s Office Policy Minister Abdulla Nazim highlighted the outcomes. He emphasised the council’s concentration on leveraging the potential within the visitor economy.

Furthermore, Nazim announced collaborative efforts between the Economic Ministry, Tourism Ministry, and the private sector. Forums will be organised to acquaint private entities with the visitor economy, fostering increased participation within the industry.

“The development of five specialised resorts in the Kaafu atoll, tailored for targeted tourism, has been sanctioned by the council. Plans are in place to actualise these goals,” stated Nazim.

The council’s vision extends to completing the development and marketing of these five resorts in the Kaafu atoll by the conclusion of 2026. This strategic move aligns with the council’s endeavour to diversify and fortify the tourism landscape of the Maldives.

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