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New Record Set as Maldives Welcomes 8,900 Tourists in a Single Day

In an unprecedented surge in tourism, the Maldives witnessed a historic milestone as 8,900 tourists graced its shores last Saturday, marking a new record for daily arrivals. The Ministry of Tourism unveiled these staggering statistics, highlighting a significant boost in tourism activity.

Throughout this month, the Maldives has seen a steady influx of visitors, averaging at 7,300 tourists per day. Cumulatively, this year has welcomed a remarkable 235,000 tourists so far, indicating a notable 14 percent increase compared to the previous year.

Leading the charge in visitor demographics, China emerged as the primary contributor, with an impressive 28,000 tourists from the nation setting foot in the Maldives. Italy closely followed with 23,000 arrivals, securing the second position, while Russia secured the third spot.

Interestingly, India, which held the top rank in tourist contributions last year, has now slipped to fifth place in terms of tourist arrivals. Despite this, a substantial 17,000 tourists arrived from India, reflecting a continued interest in Maldivian tourism.

The government’s ambitious tourism targets underscore the nation’s aspirations in this sector. While the budget aims to attract two crore tourists this year, the Ministry of Tourism has set an even higher goal of enticing 2.3 million tourists to the Maldives, emphasizing the country’s commitment to furthering its tourism industry.