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Patina Maldives’ $3m Swimsol solar panel installation heralds new dawn for perpetual clean energy

Future-facing resort Patina Maldives, Fari Islands will mark Earth Day 2024 with the official unveiling of the latest chapter in its perpetual journey towards clean energy independence: a USD3 million solar panel installation project that will increase solar energy contribution from 15 percent to 50 percent of the island’s total energy requirement.

In partnership with the Maldives’ leading solar energy provider, Swimsol, a total of 1937kWp of additional solar panels will become operational in October this year. 1MWp of panels will be located on a land bank on the East of the island, with a further 937kWp to be installed on the rooftops of all the resort’s beach villas and F&B outlets, as well as the FLOW Spa, dive centre, Portico, kids club and back-of-house buildings. 2MWh of extra battery capacity will also be added, enabling the property to rely solely on solar energy during daylight hours.

Forward-looking Fari Islands

From its inception, the Fari Islands’ development has been guided by sustainable architecture and design. It is the largest hospitality project globally to benefit from the extensive use of offsite manufacturing technology known as ‘Mass Engineered Timber’ or ’MET’, which reduced carbon emissions by over 6,000 tons after production and transportation; in addition, all the villas were prefabricated, to ensure minimal run off into the marine ecosystem Departing from the conventional thatched roof structures prevalent in the Maldives, villas and amenities were designed with flat roofs, allowing solar panels to be easily mounted. This allows the Fari Islands to host one of the latest largest solar installations in the Maldives (>4MW). Pontiac Land continues to explore further site-specific renewable energy solutions to help achieve its net-zero goals.

Patina for Perpetuality

The flagship of the four-island Fari Islands archipelago, Patina Maldives, the inaugural resort by new lifestyle brand Patina Hotels & Resorts by the Capella Hotel Group, opened in May 2021, with a guiding principle of sustainability at its core. A hands-on, data-led approach to positively impacting people and place reflects a brand-wide commitment to the pursuit of ‘perpetuality’.

A strong emphasis is placed on children’s activities to engage and raise awareness amongst the next generation of champions for the ocean. Embodying this future-thinking approach, Patina Maldives’ pioneering children’s centre, Footprints, is a place of discovery and inspiration, engaging activities and exceptional facilities – all powered entirely by Swimsol solar panels.

To further reduce import footprints, Patina Maldives houses an organic permaculture garden, the Garden of Perpetuality, that cultivates fresh pesticide-free produce, including watermelon, sweet melon, okra, eggplant, cucumber, capsicum, pumpkin and kang kong; all food waste is turned into organic fertiliser through bio-digesters. Plant-based Roots, one of the resort’s signature restaurants, operates on the root-to-leaf principle to encourage guests to adopt a more conscious and conscientious lifestyle. Drinking water for the whole archipelago is filtered on site by Nordaq and bottled on island without the use of single-use plastic. In the rooms and at Flow spa, guests are treated to a range of sustainable amenities in refilled containers by British brand Haeckels and US-based OSEA.

Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, commented: “At Patina Maldives, we are continuously meticulous in our efforts to minimise the environmental impact of Fari islands and this latest development in our journey towards clean energy dependence demonstrates our commitment. We constantly monitor and evaluate our processes and seek ways to improve our operations from an environmental, social and economic aspect, supporting the protection of our natural world.”

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