Post Lockdown Detox Vacation at Baros

Baros is offering a three-day detox programme after many guests have spent months locked up at home.

By specifically targeting internal inflammation, stress relief and overall wellbeing, this programme allows guests to better surrender to the island lifestyle.

“The effects of a detox treatment go far beyond a physical cleanse or encouraging weight loss,” states Made Arsini, Spa Manager at the Serenity Spa at Baros. “A conscious detox programme is a powerful way to make changes on every level of your being, this includes your mental, emotional and spiritual health.”

The wellness professionals at Baros’ Serentiy Spa are committed to promoting holistic wellbeing to their guests that extends beyond a singular massage or treatment. That’s why they have created this exciting new programme that centres on the ultimate balance of detoxifying treatments to set the tone for a much-anticipated holiday at Baros.

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Baros Maldives Detox Programme

On the first day, the skilled therapists will draw on the healing powers of ginger and lime for a scrub and detox massage. The careful combination of ingredients and techniques will help to mitigate internal inflammation, promote anti-ageing and purify the skin. The detox massage is hugely powerful — during this experience areas of the body needed for overall waste removal are stimulated which encourages the body to release toxins.

During the massage, the therapist will apply alternating pressure on different muscle groups, which strengthens and relaxes and further promotes the body’s detox response.

Day two will begin on a tranquil note with a private yoga lesson. This session will involve poses and sequences that activate the intestines and stimulate a mental detox as well as inspire stress and anxiety relief. The day’s therapies will focus on the detoxing properties of green tea, which will be used in a fabulous full-body wrap. The detox wrap involves the use of Green Tea Balm which encourages skin health and detoxification. The treatment helps the elimination process of toxins and restores equilibrium and a sense of reinvigoration.

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Baros Maldives Detox Programme

The final day embraces the powerful ingredients and substances brought to us by the sea. Algae, sea buckthorn and sea fennel are fused together in a detox bath, designed to be relished in the tranquil and tropical setting of the Serenity Spa. The process is enhanced by a detox juice that can be enjoyed during the bath itself.

Scented with juniper and lemon essential oils, guests can soak in the bath for 30 relaxing minutes before giving themselves into the therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic drainage massage involves light pressure and gentle, rhythmic strokes, to increase the circulation of the lymphatic system which stimulates the body’s own waste removal process to flush out the toxins.

After three days of pampering and self-care, guests can truly relax into their holiday and indulge in the bountiful nature of the island. Starting your holiday from a refreshed, calm perspective, allows you to better able to embrace the incredible experiences available at Baros.

The Post-Lockdown Detox Programme can be customised as per the guest’s requirements after an extensive consultation with the spa professionals. If you wish to give this as a gift, Baros has launched an e-gift card platform.

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