Premgeeth P Nair, Chief Engineer, Grand Park Kodhipparu

At Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives, one of the most noted sustainable projects conducted is the solar power installation, whereby the chief engineer overseeing the project was Premgeeth Nair, more fondly known within the resort as Prem.

Prem began his journey at Grand Park Kodhipparu in the year 2018, as the assistant chief engineer. He then received the promotion of becoming the engineering manager in 2019, and in 2020; the chief engineer of Grand Park Kodhipparu.

As the chief engineer, Prem is focused on ensuring that all actions taken under his department adheres to the sustainability standards that Grand Park Kodhipparu has committed to uphold. This consists of energy saving, preventative maintenance programs throughout the property in addition to focusing on sustainability practices. Upon being asked about his leadership as well as team management skills and strategies, Prem mentioned that, “at the end of the day, it is team work that brings in results to the table.” He enjoys being alongside his team; “side by side for all their needs, as one amongst them and to work as a team.”

An Engineering graduate specialized in Electrical and Electronics, Prem completed his studies in Tamil Nadu, India. Prem began his career with a Technical Apprenticeship at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) following with a move to Dubai, UAE where he worked as a marine electrician at Dry Docks World. Prem first relocated to Maldives in 2008, as an electrical engineer at Platinum Residence, Hulhumale’ and then to Sun Siyam Olhuveli Resort as the assistant engineer, which was his first venture into the hospitality industry. Having found the Park Hotel Group infrastructure remarkable, and wanted to grow alongside the organization, Prem joined the 5-star property, three years later.

During the pandemic, in order to ensure that the standard of health is maintained at the resort, Prem mentioned that he stayed back along with his co-workers. Fortunately, despite the long distance, due to the network providers, Prem was able to stay in touch with his family and friends back home. He further mentioned that it brought a sense of peace being connected to his loved ones until he was able to go and see his family in person. Prem was also delighted to mention that the general manager as well as the resort manager of the resort constantly makes the employees including Prem, feel valued and appreciated for the energy and effort being invested by the employees of the resort.

When asked if there is any advice that Prem would like to give to anyone entering the industry, he stated that, it is crucial to win the hearts of the customers that come to the resort. Additionally, he believes that it is also important to not just think out of the box for solutions but to also constantly be going the extra mile. The hospitality industry as well as the success of the resort and the property you work at, will heavily depend on the satisfaction and happiness of all the customers.