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Pulse Hotels & Resorts: GCC traveller predictions for 2024

Pulse Hotels & Resorts, a leading and forward-thinking Maldives-based hospitality development company, has observed growing trends with GCC travellers in 2023, opting for extended stays at their Maldives resorts – Kandima Maldives, Nova Maldives and The Nautilus Maldives. This trend aligns with the principles of ‘slow travel’, allowing guests to indulge in a longer trip while experiencing a profound connection with the destination. It is anticipated to continue growing in 2024.

A global surge in solo travel has also found a particularly strong footing with GCC-based travellers, with the Pulse Hotels & Resorts team witnessing a surge in popularity in 2023. Industry experts predict this trend will continue to dominate the travel landscape, with solo travellers seeking more immersive and authentic experiences in 2024.

With an aim to align its latest resort developments to global travel trends, Pulse Hotels & Resorts launched Nova Maldives in 2022 with a modern take on all-inclusive with a vibrant ‘community’ concept, tailored to Millennials and solo travellers. Meanwhile it’s ‘time stands still – anytime, anywhere’ approach to experiences and unscripted dining at ultra-luxury private island resort The Nautilus, and the massive range of activities on offer at mega-resort Kandima, lend themselves to slow travel – with more to explore, at a traveller’s pace.

Althaf Mohamed Ali, COO, Pulse Hotels & Resorts, commented: “One of the best things about slow travel is that it allows a guest to have time for all sorts of experiences, that make them feel a part of a destination. As an example of how we are adapting to this trend, we make sure that when a guest arrives at Nova, the new star among resorts in the Maldives, they are introduced to Holhuashi, a local tradition, and get a taste of the local culture, traditions and food. Our aim is to offer holistic and enriching experiences across our resorts that go beyond conventional tourist experiences.”

“Solo travellers may have varied goals, whether it’s seeking speed, adventure, relaxation, rejuvenation or the beauty of the marine environment. Our offerings at our properties align with each of these pursuits to suit the need of our guests. This ranges from group exercising or community dining at Nova to foster connections between solo travellers, or the opportunity for some ‘me’ time at The Nautilus, the most bespoke private island experience in the Maldives where guests can create a world of their own making – with free-spirited experiences tailored to their every whim and experience fine dining anytime, anywhere.”

The Maldives is increasingly becoming a top choice for GCC travellers seeking not only relaxation, but a deeper connection with their surroundings, with wellness offerings at The Nautilus such as underwater meditation and moonlight breathwork sessions proving most popular with travellers from this part of the world. Such experiences provide an opportunity for individuals to reconnect with themselves and nature in the pristine setting of the picturesque Maldives.

“This shift towards slow and solo travel experiences represents a significant evolution in travel preferences, with GCC travellers leading the way in embracing a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to exploring the Maldives, as they remain one of the top source markets for the destination at an easy four-hour flight time,” added Althaf Mohamed Ali.

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