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Raffles Maldives staff member found after kayaking mishap, drifts 39 kilometers during storm

A staff member from Raffles Maldives resort went missing after going kayaking during severe weather conditions. The resort employee was lost at sea for nearly 18 hours before being found at The Residence Maldives, a resort located 39 kilometers away on the eastern side of Gaafu Alifu Atoll. Raffles Maldives is situated on the atoll’s western side.

The incident occurred during a period of adverse weather that has impacted the Maldives for the past three days. Thunderstorms have been widespread across the archipelago, prompting the meteorology office to issue a yellow alert.


Details regarding the cause of the staffer’s disappearance are unclear, but it likely occurred due to the challenging weather conditions. Fortunately, after a search and rescue operation, the individual was found safe at The Residence Maldives.

This incident highlights the potential dangers of venturing out into Maldivian waters during storms. The yellow alert issued by the meteorology office serves as a warning to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary risks during such times.

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