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Reethi Beach Resort marks World Oceans Day with coral planting event

A successful coral planting event was conducted at Reethi Beach Resort in conjunction with Ocean Fanatics Maldives to mark World Oceans Day. The purpose was to enlighten guests about the importance of coral reefs in our ecosystem and to engage them in proactive conservation. On this day, guests of all ages had the opportunity to be part of this hands-on activity by binding coral fragments onto specially designed metal structures, guided by the dedicated team of Ocean Fanatics. Those structures were then placed in the house reef right by the beautiful Fonimagoodhoo island, where the resort is situated. This program has allowed them to learn about coral biology, understand the threats these fragile ecosystems face, and why it is essential to save them.

Another member present was Muneeb Mohamed, the Manager of Ocean Fanatics Dive Center, who stressed this project’s importance since coral reefs “are essential for marine biodiversity and coastal protection.” “Their survival is one of the keys to the fight against climate change. Every piece of coral we plant today is a potential thriving reef that can support marine life down through the years.”

The theme for this year’s World Oceans Day is “Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate,” which reinforces the need for urgent proactive action in protecting the ocean from climate change. Coral reefs are significantly crucial in this context, as they are the very sites for marine biodiversity; they serve as natural defenses to coastlines from erosion and extreme currents. Through coral planting, individuals were directly involved in the rehabilitation and increased resilience of these ecosystems.

“We are so proud to be able to team up with Ocean Fanatics Maldives for this meaningful event,” said Waruna, Marketing and PR Manager at Reethi Beach Resort. “Our guests not only engaged in an educational activity but also made a real difference to the health of our local reef. This initiative fits perfectly into our ethos of responsible tourism and custodianship of the environment. It’s encouraging to see our guests take such a hands-on approach to ensuring our wonderfully diverse underwater paradise is preserved for future generations.”

Among those taking part were families, diving aficionados, and conservationists, reflecting the universal appeal and importance of ocean conservation. This event has been a significant step toward the continuing task of the resort to protect and conserve the pristine beauty of the Maldives.

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