Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru unveils Madi Hiyaa: A culinary oasis blending Japanese mastery with Maldivian elegance

The long wait is over!  Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru proudly announces the opening of its latest masterpiece, Madi Hiyaa, an exceptional overwater Yakitori Restaurant and Bar that seamlessly blends authentic Japanese culinary delights with a Maldivian touch.  Crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, Madi Hiyaa merges nature’s elegance with contemporary design, providing unparalleled comfort and relaxation for guests to unwind in style.

Inspired by Dhivehi, where “Madi” means “ray,” and “Hiyaa” translates to “shelter,” Madi Hiyaa pays heartfelt homage to the ocean’s graceful rays.  This new culinary journey not only recognises the majestic rays of the ocean but also serves as a serene retreat, echoing how the ocean’s rays find refuge.

The naming of this architectural gem was a celebration of teamwork and creativity.  Resort associates participated in a naming competition, showcasing Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru’s dedication to fostering community and collaboration.

Madi Hiyaa - Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru


Renowned for sustainable architectural projects, award-winning Nomadic Resorts played a vital role in bringing Madi Hiyaa to life.  Their expertise in innovative and environmentally responsible design ensured a seamless blend of architectural vision with the Maldives’ natural beauty.

Madi Hiyaa presents a delightful array of flavours that captivate guests’ palates.  Inspired by Japanese gastronomy and infused with the Maldives’ essence, skilled chefs crafted a menu merging local ingredients with Japanese culinary expertise.  This culinary journey promises richness in every delicious bite, enhanced by a dedicated mixologist’s inventive concoctions.

Dive into a variety of Japanese delights at Madi Hiyaa – sushi rolls, sashimi, and signature yakitori creations.  Enjoy authentic Japanese classics and the delightful Omakase set with local catches and garden-fresh herbs.  Chefs add a creative touch, ending each meal with tempting desserts like Anmitsu, Japanese cheesecake, or Shinsen’na Kattofurūtsu, highlighting locally grown organic fruits.  Enhance the experience with wine pairings.

Madi Hiyaa - Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru


Madi Hiyaa serves as the perfect venue for intimate gatherings, including weddings and vow renewals.  It plays a significant role in Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru’s ongoing commitment to elevate guest service, establishing benchmarks for luxury and innovation, all while demonstrating dedication to sustainability. This embodies the essence of Madi Hiyaa’s promise.

Discover more about Madi Hiyaa | Banyan Tree.

Nestled in the serene North Male’ Atoll, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru invites you to a luxurious, laid-back tropical retreat, easily accessible with a short 25-minute speedboat ride from Velana International Airport. With 48 pool villas spread across the island, this untouched paradise welcomes guests to experience the epitome of seclusion and tranquility.

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