Sheraton Maldives crowns champion of Full Moon Futsal Cup 2024

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa celebrated the culmination of the highly anticipated Full Moon Futsal Cup on March 31, 2024. The tournament, which commenced on March 17th, brought together 12 teams from neighboring resorts in Malé Atoll, fostering the spirit of unity and friendly  competition. 

The climax of the tournament arrived on March 31, 2024, with SO/ Maldives emerging victorious in a  thrilling final match, taking the title of Full Moon Futsal Cup Champions 2024. After the match,  Mohamed El Aghoury, General Manager of Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, officiated the  closing ceremony during which he awarded the Championship trophy and gold medals to the  winning team. Specific prizes, medals, and certificates were presented to recognize the exceptional  talent of the tournament’s participants. 

Reflecting on the whole tournament, Mohamed El Aghoury expressed profound pride in the success  of the Full Moon Futsal Cup and stated, “We are honored to have hosted and participated in such a  vibrant tournament, which not only celebrates sportsmanship but also fosters bonds within the  community.” 

All the teams who participated showcased exceptional talent, determination, and teamwork  throughout the tournament, earning admiration from spectators and competitors alike. 

The second season of the Full Moon Futsal Cup closed with remarkable success witnessing spirited  performances from all participating teams, including the Sheraton Maldives’ very own associate  teams; Team Sheraton and Team Furana FC. 

Associate Resource Groups (ARG) represent Marriott’s strong commitment for putting people first  and creating an inclusive workplace where associates feel valued and empowered to be their  authentic selves. The team’s involvement in the Full Moon Futsal Tournament 2024 highlights the  dedication to nurturing talent and creates a sense of belonging. Associates from the Young  Professionals Associate Resource Group (ARG) personify the group’s mission of community building,  skill development, and mentorship. This tournament serves as a platform to spotlight the energy and 

potential of the young professionals, fostering their growth and bolstering the future success of our  organization. 

The Full Moon Futsal Cup stands as more than just a sporting event; it embodies the values of unity,  friendship, and healthy competition. As part of Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa’s  commitment to promoting community connections, the tournament aligns with Marriott  International’s TakeCare legacy, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and well-being  among associates. 

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa extends its heartfelt appreciation to all participating  teams, supporters, sponsors, and organizers for contributing to the success of the Full Moon Futsal  Cup 2024. The resort looks forward to continuing this tradition of sporting excellence and  camaraderie in the years to come.

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