GM’s View: Frederic Perrin, General Manager, Café Del Mar Maldives

With his remarkable contributions in the successful development, opening and management of five-star hotels, Frederic Perrin is an exceptional leader in the Hotel Industry; pulling-off effective business success strategies. Along with a rich background and intensive knowledge of the industry, Frederic has comprehensive experience in driving hotel administration projects. Stretching his service closer to four […]

Cafe del Mar Maldives; Networking Partner for GM Forum 2020

Famous for its masterfully curated chillout ambience and world-class music compilations, Cafe del Mar has recently brought its world-renowned international lifestyle brand to the shores of the Maldives for the first time, at Crossroads Maldives. Coming on board as a sponsor of the next GM Forum in April 2020, the venue will also host the […]