Michael Friedel: Destination Scout

Michael Friedel shares some of his most iconic photographs from the era when tourism blossomed, and his memories of a life spent searching for paradise.

Aznilphotography: A different perspective

Ahmed Aznil, co-founder of Aznilphotography, is fresh to the world of professional photography.

Maldives Photographers Association announces ‘Sunny Side in Frames’ photo competition

Maldives Photographers Association (MPA), in collaboration with the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Coorporation (MMPRC), has last night launched the Sunny Side in Frames photo competition

Suunto to Hold Photoshoot on the Reefs Around Ayada Maldives

Suunto, the famed Finnish manufacturer of sports watches and diving computers, is holding a photoshoot for its world-wide advertising campaign on the reefs around Ayada Maldives this week. Although the final advertising will only be seen worldwide later this year, Ayada Maldives has a wide selection of daily photos on its facebook page: www.facebook.com/ayada