Maldives sees increase in Middle Eastern travellers!

On an international scale, a report by the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) foresees 35 million tourists from the Middle East travelling to foreign destinations by the year 2020. This is a recognition worthy number to take a second look at, as the Middle East is increasingly becoming one of the best markets to tap […]

Overview of tourist accommodation facilities in the Maldives: Hotels and guesthouses

The unique and natural beauty of the Maldives coupled with the one-island-one-resort concept attracts droves of tourists to the luxury destination, but it is not solely dedicated for the affluent traveller—the country offers various types of accommodation options catering to a diverse range of preferences; from luxury to budget travellers and backpackers, etc. These facilities […]

Almost 1 Billion international tourists in the 1st nine months of 2016

Statistics by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s World Tourism Barometer has revealed that world welcomed 956 million international tourists between January and September 2016. This is a 4% increase compared to the same period in 2015, where 2016 saw 34 million tourists travelling over the same period. According to the report, Demand for international […]

An analysis of demand and supply in the Maldives

Visitor arrivals and major indicators Maldives has been maintaining its position as one of the most attractive holiday destinations in 2016 with an average arrival growth rate of 1.7% for inbound international tourists in the first half of the year 2016. The year began with a strong performance with a growth rate of 11.7% on […]

Tourism Sector Overview: Q1-2016 Maldives & Asia Pacific

According to the statistics by the Ministry of Tourism Maldives, the year 2016 began with promising performance as international tourist arrivals totaled 344,166 at the end of quarter one. This is an increase of 4.3% compared to the arrivals in the 1st quarter 2015. However, the rest of the key indicators depicted a decreasing trend […]

Tourism Indicators: The Maldivian Tourism Industry – 2015 in Review

The year 2015 was an impressive year for the global tourism industry with a 4.4% growth in international tourist arrivals according to UNWTO World Tourism.

Tourism Indicators: The Changing Traveler Behavior

Knowledge and insight regarding visitor travel behavior can have huge implications on how the tourism products are targeted and positioned.

Tourism arrivals remained stable in July, despite fall in Chinese arrivals

The percentage of tourist arrivals from January to July 2015 increased by only 1.7%, when compared to the same period last year.

Maldives Monetary Authority publishes 2014 annual report, estimates total tourism receipts at US$2.6bn

The Maldives Monetary Authority’s 2014 Annual Report covers developments in the domestic economy, MMA initiatives and the outlook for 2015.