‘Sustaining a life well travelled’ – Cathay Pacific reveals their 2014 development report

Cathay Pacific Airways has launched its latest Sustainable Development Report, which outlines the various sustainable development measures undertaken by the airline and the Cathay Pacific Group’s subsidiaries based in Hong Kong.

Managing property resources through EarthCheck results in significant savings, study finds

New research has shown that hotels and resorts that systematically manage their resource use through the EarthCheck Certified program can save tens of thousands of dollars from their bottom line annually.

99 resorts sign ‘Male 3R Day Declaration’ to pledge commitment to sustainable waste management

The Sixth Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific is underway at Dhaarubaaruge Convention Centre, Male’.

Can we really create Wealth from Waste?

Soneva Fushi, on the island of Kunfunadhoo, is one of the largest Maldivian resorts at 1400 metres in length. As you approach from either sea or air, Soneva looks less like an established resort and more like an uninhabited or agricultural island.