Meerumuseum Opens

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Meeru Island Resort & Spa has opened The meerumuseum on 3rd October. The resort’s staffs and guests attended the museum’s opening ceremony and the traditional dhoni-shaped building houses exhibits from centuries and decades back from a time when the Maldivian islands were completely untouched by tourism.


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The meerumuseum portrays the way of life, how the early local Maldivians cooked, dressed, travelled and schooled, and also portray how the islanders were completely self-sufficient in all aspects of daily life. According to the resort, the owners and management believed it was important for the visiting guests to see and know more about the Maldives in addition to the natural beauty of the country. The curator of the museum is Mrs Ragni Afeef who combined historic artefacts to be exhibited in a traditional building featuring modern showcases under innovative architectural lighting.