The Perfect Fit – Joinery and interior fit-out by Onestop

With phase 1 of landmark Crossroads Maldives project being recently completed, discover what it takes to successfully fit-out an ambitious resort project, achieved by Onestop.

Like its name, Crossroads Maldives takes inspiration from its historical roots as a key Silk Road intersection, bringing together a slew of lifestyle and leisure activities within its connected islands. Managed by S Hotel & Resorts, a subsidiary of Singha Estate Public Company Limited, Crossroads Maldives seeks to become the ultimate destination for both tourists and locals alike in the Maldives—a massive undertaking as Onestop’s first, large-scale joinery and interior fit-out project.

Onestop was responsible for the successful fitting out of several key sites that underpinned the first phase of Crossroads Maldives. They include the Hard Rock Maldives resort, SAii Lagoon Maldives’ Curio Collection by Hilton, and the two anchoring cafés on the development: Café del Mar and Hard Rock Cafe. The task of joinery and interior fit-out involves the installation of ceilings, floors, panellings, partitions and furnishings—essential aspects that bring together the design theme of a resort into a collective whole.

Keeping in mind the practical, on-site nature of an interior fit-out job, Onestop went about the project a little differently—taking a hands-on role. For this project, Onestop collectively drew upon three key resources: a decade of expertise working in the Maldives, the manufacturing support of the factories it owns China and Indonesia, and the strengths of an on-site team. Onestop oversaw control at every stage of the joinery and fit-out process: from material sourcing, to manufacturing, logistics and installation—and finally to rectifications.

With a tight deadline and budget, coupled with the pressure to have every area of the project open at the same time, Onestop carefully delegated and managed staff who were deployed in separate teams to the two hotels and the shopping district within the development.

Installation and rectifications were completed on-site by a team of around 100 men stationed for 10 months on the island, which comprised of skilled carpenters, mason workers, painters, finishers and other specialist workers. Pre-fabricated parts were delivered from factories in Indonesia and China, and assembled on-site, both from locally sourced materials and materials specially prepared and finished by the factories. In the face of challenges, Onestop successfully managed a multinational team to work collaboratively to bring the project to completion.

With this synergistic system, Onestop was able to rectify problems immediately and accede to clients’ requests for last-minute changes—ensuring that furnishings would fit into interiors perfectly, with the benefit of a shorter turnaround time. With the assistance of Onestop’s joinery and fit-out service, projects are able to achieve their creative vision dynamically, and be handed over on schedule.

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