The Sustainable Charm of Emerald Maldives

Choosing a destination to go on a holiday is a prestige that comes with an array of choices. How connected you feel to your chosen place at the end is the take away you’ll get from your experience at best. This is what Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa offers. A warm fuzzy connection that you can recall back on. Positioned in Raa Atoll of the equatorial Maldivian archipelago, it is definitely an Instagram worthy 40 minutes seaplane or domestic plane ride, on a vivid day, with the blues and greens of the little isles accentuated. The arrival on the resort’s onsite marina makes it an easily accessible choice.

A member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the resort is truly spirited in catering for the ‘decidedly unordinary’. The moment you take in the first impressions of the resort, you are left eagerly awaiting the second and the third. The resort’s sanctuary collection comprises 120 villas thoughtfully spread across 20 hectares of flourishing tropicality. A combination of beach villas and overwater villas, it is sustainable elegance amplified on naturality.

Offering 11 different categories to its patrons, the majestic Royal Beach Villa tops off the lush collection with the most space. A ‘ timeless design’ by Poole Associates, the villas are the right mix of a traditional Maldivian look with a subtle dash of elegance. White marbled contemporary bathrooms with glimmering mirrors, pleasing aquatic drawings on bedroom walls with vast decks or balconies, it is genuinely complimenting. Using bamboo, natural stones and ‘ Langhi Langhi’ leaves throughout, the resort is engagingly nostalgic in its appearance of simple grandeur.

Influenced by contemporary trends, the deluxe all-inclusive à la mode concept of the resort offers both romantic revellers and families alike to enjoy. Whether to laze in the deck of your private cocoon or to join an expedition to see the wraparound marine life with expert guides, it’s a personal choice. The Dolphin Kids Club, open for children of 12 years and below, is a colourful place brimming with energising activities for children under the watchful eye of its operators. The resort does not conclude on limitations, it is up to the seeker to enjoy the island in its plentiful ways.

The experimental eateries of Emerald Maldives give your gastronomical experiences a delightful punch. Take in the warm surrounding at Aqua Restaurant, the go-to all-day buffet that features international cuisine. The restaurant hosts food stations with an abundance of choices to tease your palette. Le Asiatique, specialising in Asian delicacies, is an intimate spot to wine and dine with your partner or family. The cosy semblance at Amazònico Restaurant with black bamboo elevations and jungle themed interiors has a Latin American food menu, going that extra mile to offer something unique. Comfort food, be it a juicy burger or a delightful pizza, is available at the Sunrise Café or Sunset Pool Café where you can laze in your private cabanas set up in the pool itself or outside. The acquainted sommeliers at the restaurants are prompt to suggest good wines to pair off with your meal.

A well-relaxed holiday isn’t without a visit to the spa. The Emerald Spa invites you to a restoring, balancing act of massages ranging from Balinese to Thai. The spa environment soothes your senses, grounding you down. Be treated to a healing session with professional therapists using Elemis Spa products, using treatments that simply feels good. The 10 private rooms have the right temperature, the right kind of music and the right kind of smell for deep relaxation whilst you are being indulged.

Sustainable acts being the current consideration amongst many hotel proprietors, Emerald Maldives has too, taken certain measures. Solar panels on each villa help to power the hot water in the entirety of the resort. Single-use plastic is minimised by using paper straws and glass bottles. The Langhi Langhi leaves used for the canopies are sustainable in itself whilst the bamboo reduces timber usage. The island is proactively home to a recyclable water irrigation system and a composting facility. These are mindful acts to lessen the island’s carbon footprint in times of increasing concerns towards climate changes.

With such positivity stemming from one island, Emerald Maldives is no doubt a beautifully unique consideration for a dreamy refuge. The tropical debut of the island last year, opened doors for holiday goers to flock to this contemporarily Maldivian escapade. Refresh, rejuvenate and soak up the island’s offerings in this wonderfully lush break to free your soul. To go back to your reality with a relaxed psyche.