Velaa Private Island celebrates decade of unforgettable luxury, artistic excellence

Exactly a decade ago, the Šmejc family realised their vision of an enchanting haven, Velaa Private Island, which has since evolved into an exquisite retreat cherished by families, friends, and kind-hearted Maldivians seeking to share the “majaluga hayaai,” the Maldivian embodiment of the “joy of life.”

In honour of these extraordinary ten years of opulence and tranquillity, Velaa Private Island introduces an innovative endeavour, Velaa Art Gallery’s latest exhibition The Glass Collection. This unique curation brings to life a diverse assortment of vibrant glass artworks. Rooted in a historical tradition of the Czech Republic, where the art of glassmaking flourished, The Glass Collection bridges the past with the present, capturing the Šmejc family’s commitment to blending global uniqueness with the cherished heritage of their homeland.

“We are immensely proud to celebrate a remarkable decade of Velaa, unveiling a curated masterpiece that reflects the very essence of our journey. The island has not only become a luxurious retreat but a canvas for artistic expression. ‘The Glass Collection’ encapsulates the essence of our pursuit. This is a celebration of not just art, but of ten years of luxury and inspiration, looking forward to the continued legacy of providing unforgettable experiences to all who step onto our shores,” says Wayne Milgate, General Manager.

Carefully curated by KODL Contemporary, known for its discerning eye for exceptional artistry within the Czech art scene, the collection unites the works of three internationally renowned masters of the craft: Rudolf Burda, Lukáš Novák, and Rony Plesl. Each artist, while diverse in technique, themes, and artistic philosophy, is united by a shared aspiration to transcend boundaries and redefine artistic expression. The trio was commissioned to craft exclusive pieces tailored exclusively for Velaa’s ten-year anniversary exhibition. Each artwork encapsulates the island’s themes through their distinctive perspectives, offering guests an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the abundance of Maldivian ambiance.

Rudolf Burda’s minimalist pieces, rooted in the intrinsic nature of glass, epitomise simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and its underlying laws, Burda’s creations explore the energy that permeates all existence. His pieces transcend conventional artistry, offering an experience akin to scientific discovery and philosophical exploration. The piece The Energy of the Universe enables viewers to peer within its depths, provoking contemplation of reality’s fundamental truths.

Lukáš Novák transforms glass into a medium that amplifies the intensity of reality through its form and transparency. Novák’s artistry, showcased through three hand-cut, hand-polished optical glass pieces, mirrors the play of light found in the sun’s dance upon the ocean’s surface. Delving into the phenomenon of light refraction, Novák invites viewers to traverse the boundaries between air and glass, yielding kaleidoscopic imagery that captures the island’s distinct allure.

A boundary-pushing virtuoso in glass, Rony Plesl’s expertise is unparalleled. Renowned for his monumental glass sculptures, Plesl catapulted the Czech Republic onto the global art stage at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. Plesl’s sculptures “Man & Woman” and “Le Grand Jeu” grace Velaa with a blend of elegance with intellectual depth, drawing from classical motifs to address the essence of human existence.

Collectively, these artists capture the distinct encounters of every visitor to the island, infusing their unique perspectives into each creation. The exhibited works reverberate with the exclusive aura of Velaa Private Island, a tranquil retreat that has graciously embraced families and individuals alike for an unforgettable decade of serenity and sophistication.

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