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After dazzling grand opening, SO/ Maldives earns nomination for Condé Nast Traveler’s 2024 Readers’ Choice Awards

SO/ Maldives, the epitome of luxury and sophistication nestled in the heart of Emboodhoo Lagoon, proudly announces its nomination at the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler’s 2024 Readers’ Choice Awards under the ‘Resorts’ category. This recognition comes as a testament to the resort’s commitment to excellence in hospitality and unparalleled guest experiences.

Since its opening on November 1, 2023, SO/ Maldives has captured the imagination of travelers worldwide with its avant-garde design, culinary mastery, and immersive cultural experiences. Most recently, the resort hosted a sensational Grand Opening Party on March 23, 2024, under the theme “An Invite to the Front Row,” marking a milestone in the Maldivian hospitality scene.

The Grand Opening Party was a sensory extravaganza, showcasing a fusion of global collaborations, artistic flair, and Maldivian charm against the breathtaking backdrop of Emboodhoo Lagoon. Guests were treated to an unforgettable evening of haute couture, culinary delights, live performances, and exclusive wellness retreats.

Collaboration Highlights: 

Fashion-Forward: SO/ Maldives presented one of the first international fashion shows in the Maldives in collaboration with Milin, a renowned Thai fashion house. The Island Couture transformed into an oceanfront runway, debuting Milin’s swimwear collection amidst the paradisiacal setting.

Local Artistry: Partnering with Maldivian High Fashion Brand Riffath, SO/ Maldives unveiled its exclusive Flying Dress Edits, celebrating local talent and culture. Guests had the opportunity to participate in a bespoke photo and drone shooting experience, capturing timeless memories against the backdrop of Maldivian splendor.

Culinary Excellence: Renowned Chef Dharshan Munidasa curated a menu that defied conventional boundaries, infusing global culinary experiences with exquisite flavors from his acclaimed restaurants. Additionally, award-winning bartender Jenna Hemsworth delighted guests with expertly crafted cocktails, adding a touch of glamour to the affair.

Musical Bliss: The evening was amplified by live performances from world-class musicians and DJs, including Maldivian band Project Groove, Thai sensation Lydia Sarunrat Deane, and DJ Basil rom Dubai, culminating in an electrifying after-party experience.

Exclusive Wellness & Fitness Retreats: Guests embarked on transformative fitness journeys with week-long detox sessions by Jumping® Fitness and rejuvenating spa experiences by London-based partner Salon C. Stellar.

Earth Hour: SO/ Maldives embraced eco-conscious revelry, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature with a beach bonfire and traditional Maldivian Boduberu performances under the starlit sky.

Culinary Feast: The evening concluded with a lavish beach buffet, celebrating the essence of luxury and culinary delight amidst the serenity of the Maldivian night.

SO/ Maldives extends its heartfelt gratitude to Condé Nast Traveler and its readers for the prestigious nomination and looks forward to continuing to redefine luxury hospitality in the Maldives.

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