Get your hotel operations team onboard The Tricycle of Guest Service

As hospitality industry trainers know, using symbols and models can help trainees grasp abstract concepts and make seemingly-complex paradigms easy to understand. Seems like is a good time for the hotel industry to update its model, so let’s get your team onboard The Tricycle of Guest Service. When you think about it, a tricycle is […]

Trends in reservations inquiry call volumes: Is there more to the numbers?

As a hotel reservations consultant and sales trainer, I’m often asked for my perspective on the current trends regarding the number of inquiry reservations call received vs. previous years. Many hotel marketers seem to think this is a simple question and I suppose that on one level it should be. It certainly is possible to […]

Measuring and incentivizing front desk and reservations upselling

Increasingly, hoteliers recognise upselling training as an opportunity to generate additional revenue, yet it is also essential to properly measure the results and incentivize success. Most only measure “incidents” of upselling at registration. Similarly, most incentivize a percentage of the “per stay” revenue per incident. As a result, colleagues generally focus exclusively on scoring a […]

When guests complain, be all EARS!

Considering all of the many components of a positive guest experience during even just a 24-hour stay, and how many guests are in a hotel on any given night, it should not be surprising to any hotelier that at some point during a shift every colleague is likely to encounter complaints. Surely we can and […]

Industry Expert: 7 Trainer’s tips for hotel reservations sales success

If you’re like most hotel managers, chances are you are highly focused on securing more direct bookings and thus reducing the costs of customer acquisition. If so, here are some train-the-trainer style tips for providing your reservations and front desk colleagues with the skills they need to covert today’s over-informed, channel surfing callers. You can […]

Industry Expert: Are you giving your guests enough RevPAH?

As I often say in my hospitality workshops, we in the hotel industry are in a unique business of selling space and time, so we had better be REALLY good at the intangibles. Although we charge them for rooms, the guests are buying an overall experience that is made up mostly of human interactions. With […]

Industry Expert: Storytelling – A key to hotel marketing success

Here’s how to get more than your fair share of business in your market.

Industry Expert: Make Guests Tweet!

President at the Kennedy Training Network Doug Kennedy, on how to get guests sharing their positive hotel experiences on social media.

Industry Expert: How to bring out the best in staff and guests

President of the Kennedy Training Network, Doug Kennedy, on how to bring out the best side of personalities.