Embracing the festive season with Snapchat

As the festive season approaches, the dynamic world of Snapchat presents a golden opportunity for resorts in the Maldives. This platform connects you with key tourist markets – Russia, India, the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia, etc. – in a way that traditional social media cannot. Snapchat stands apart in its ability to expand your brand’s reach beyond just your existing followers, engaging a wider audience through its unique features.

The true power of Snapchat for brand promotion lies in its lens functionality. When a user shares content with your custom lens, it becomes a gateway for their followers to discover your resort, many of whom may not yet be familiar with your brand. This sharing mechanism creates a viral chain reaction, significantly broadening your audience reach. This organic spread of content is a stark contrast to the more limited engagement typically seen with standard social media ads on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which primarily interact with an existing follower base. Snapchat Lenses, therefore, offer a unique and potent tool for infiltrating new customer segments, leveraging every user as a potential ambassador for your brand.

This festive season, the Festive Lens Package is not just about enhancing online visibility; it’s about transforming your resort into an interactive digital experience. Envision your resort’s stunning landscapes and luxurious amenities captured through engaging Snapchat Lenses, shared across the globe. This festive season, with the Festive Lens Package, your resort will not just be seen but experienced and shared in a way that resonates with a global audience. By embracing Snapchat’s unique sharing capabilities, your resort can break free from the constraints of traditional marketing, becoming a part of the festive narrative on Snapchat feeds worldwide. The Festive Lens Package is your opportunity to make your resort not just a destination but a viral sensation on Snapchat during this festive season.

To help resorts take advantage of this innovative advertising approach, Hologo has launched an exclusive Festive Snap Package designed for resorts. The Festive Snap Package offers a range of AR lenses that can be customised and branded for each resort. The package includes interactive 2D/3D lenses, which allow customers to interact with the resort’s logo, mascot, or festive theme, non-interactive 2D lenses, which add festive filters and stickers to the customer’s photos and videos. The Festive Snap Package is a perfect way for resorts to promote their festive offers and events, and to create a festive atmosphere for their customers.

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Hologo, winner of the Best Lens Award in Snap Lens Fest 2023 has a streamlined and customer-centric process of Snap Lens creation. The process consists of four steps: ideating and curating ideas with the customer, developing and reviewing the AR ad, deploying the AR ad on Snapchat, and providing the customer with detailed and insightful analytics on the performance and impact of the AR ad. The Hologo team works closely with the customer throughout the process to ensure their satisfaction and success.

The 2023 Festive Snap Package is available at a special price of $750. The package includes one interactive 2D or 3D Lens, and two non-interactive 2D Lenses. The package also includes technical support and analytics. The festive Snap package is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and can be accessed through the Snapchat app.

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The festive Snap package is not only a fun and creative way to advertise, but also a proven and effective one. According to a recent report by Snap, over half of consumers view AR as a way to connect with others, and 33% are more likely to share brand experiences that use AR. This means that AR can help brands to increase their reach and engagement, as well as to create loyal and satisfied customers. Moreover, AR is becoming more popular and mainstream, as 100 million or 94% of consumers agree that they will use AR the same or more when shopping next year. Therefore, AR is a valuable and effective technology for brands to leverage in their marketing strategies.

If you are interested in exploring this innovative advertising approach, don’t miss this opportunity to get the Festive Snap Package. Contact Zain Zareer at zain@hologo.world (+960 7757792) or Suraij Abdulla at suraji@hologo.world (+960 9938006) today to arrange a consultation and to get started on creating your own festive AR lenses.

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