Enver Arslan, Area General Manager Of Joali And Bijal

JOALI’s Enver Arslan: Crafting legacy in island luxury

Enver Arslan’s journey through the world of hospitality reads like an adventure novel, filled with passion, resilience, and a relentless drive for perfection. His story begins with a simple curiosity about hotel life and spirals into a leading role as the Area General Manager of JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING.

Enver’s academic roots are in education, with a degree from Erciyes University. But it was the allure of the Four Seasons in Wyoming that set him on a path that would take him across continents, from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the tropical paradise of the Maldives in 2014. Each stop on his journey added layers of insight and expertise, preparing him for his role in shaping the JOALI brand.

In 2017, Enver joined the JOALI team as Resort Director, just as the brand was making its mark in a competitive field. His leadership over the past seven years has been pivotal in the rise of JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING, and he’s now looking forward to the debut of JOALI Kaafu.

JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING stand out in the crowded luxury resort scene with their unique fusion of art, wellness, and a commitment to the environment. JOALI Maldives, opened in 2018, is the region’s first art-immersive resort and has quickly become a hub for creativity and culture. JOALI BEING, which opened its doors in 2021, is the world’s first wellbeing island, offering tailored health and wellness experiences.


Enver’s blueprint for JOALI is built on sustainability and empowering women.

“JOALI isn’t just a brand; it’s a dream that’s become a reality—a lifestyle hospitality brand with heart,” he explains. “This dream is evident in everything JOALI does, from its innovative approach to luxury to its commitment to community and the environment.”

Enver has been a champion of sustainable practices at JOALI, setting new benchmarks for luxury hospitality. The JOALI Reef Restoration Programme and island clean-ups are just a few examples of the brand’s environmental efforts. Programmes like the Mini Marine Biologist and tree planting involve guests and locals in preserving the natural beauty of the Maldives.

JOALI’s approach to sustainability is captured in its “Joy of Caring” philosophy, focusing on preservation, nurturing, empowerment, and conservation. This ensures that every aspect of JOALI’s operations, from conserving energy to ethical sourcing, is in line with their commitment to the planet.

JOALI’s mission is to create unforgettable experiences for every guest. The resorts have earned a Forbes Five-Star rating, recognised for their innovative guest services. Each visitor is paired with a Jadugar, or personal butler, who crafts a stay that’s as unique as the guest themselves.

“Our service is a tapestry of digital and personal touches, with delightful surprises woven in throughout the stay,” Enver says. “It’s this attention to detail and genuine hospitality that makes a stay at JOALI an experience to remember.”


Enver sees the future of luxury tourism in the Maldives being shaped by a desire for transformative experiences and a focus on health and wellbeing—areas where JOALI BEING excels with its state-of-the-art and personalised wellness programmes.

Sustainability continues to be a key trend, with travellers becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. JOALI’s commitment to responsible luxury and empowering women aligns perfectly with these evolving guest values.

For Enver, the growth of JOALI has been the highlight of his career.

“Being part of JOALI’s journey, from the initial concept to creating each property and guest experience, has been a dream come true,” he reflects. “I’m especially proud of the opportunities JOALI has created for local talent and the sense of community it fosters.”

Guests and stakeholders can look forward to exciting developments at JOALI, including the upcoming JOALI Kaafu, a new resort closer to capital Male’. New culinary experiences, art collaborations, and partnerships with wellness experts will continue to enrich the JOALI experience.

Enver’s advice for those looking to climb the hospitality ladder is to embrace passion, dedication, discipline, and determination. His journey is proof that these qualities are the keys to success in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Ali Naafiz
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