Maldives: 1,261 Tourist Facilities in Operation

The Ministry of Tourism recently announced that as of September 12, 2023, a total of 1,261 tourist facilities in operation.

The breakdown of these tourist facilities is as follows: 172 resorts, 913 guesthouses, 14 hotels, and 162 live-aboard vessels. This diverse range of accommodations caters to travelers with various preferences and budgets, ensuring that all can savor the splendor of this Indian Ocean gem.

Maldives has long been known for its luxury resorts, and they continue to be a cornerstone of the nation’s tourism industry. Resorts account for a significant portion of the operational facilities, constituting 68% of the bed capacity. These secluded oases provide an unparalleled level of luxury and exclusivity, often occupying their private islands.

Guesthouses, on the other hand, offer a more budget-friendly option for travelers, making up 24% of the bed capacity. These cozy accommodations are spread across 119 islands, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in local communities and culture.

Hotels, numbering 14, provide a middle ground between the opulence of resorts and the affordability of guesthouses. Meanwhile, adventure seekers can opt for live-aboard vessels, contributing 5% of the bed capacity, which offer the unique opportunity to explore the Maldives while sailing through its azure waters.

In total, the Maldives currently boasts 63,052 operational beds, with 42,159 in resorts, 1,940 in hotels, 14,968 in guesthouses, and 3,181 on live-aboard vessels. This capacity caters to a wide range of travelers, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic of the Maldives.

One of the Maldives’ unique features is its geographical diversity. The 1,261 operational tourist facilities are spread across various atolls, offering travelers a chance to explore different regions of this picturesque archipelago. Here’s a glimpse of the facilities in operation by atoll:

  • Haa Alif atoll: Two resorts and 22 guesthouses in four islands
  • Haa Dhaal atoll: One hotel, one resort, and 18 guesthouses in five islands
  • Shaviyani atoll: Two resorts and eight guesthouses in six islands
  • Noonu atoll: Nine resorts and 14 guesthouses in five islands
  • Raa atoll: 17 resorts and seven guesthouses in seven islands
  • Baa atoll: 17 resorts, one hotel, and 67 guesthouses in 13 islands
  • Lhaviyani atoll: 10 resorts and seven guesthouses in four islands
  • Kaafu atoll: 54 resorts, seven hotels, and 354 guesthouses in 10 islands
  • Alif Alif atoll: 11 resorts and 157 guesthouses in eight islands
  • Alif Dhaal atoll: 18 resorts, one hotel, and 100 guesthouses in 10 islands
  • Vaavu atoll: Four resorts, one hotel, and 56 guesthouses in five islands
  • Meemu atoll: Three resorts and five guesthouses in five islands
  • Faafu atoll: One resort and seven guesthouses in two islands
  • Dhaalu atoll: Nine resorts and 12 guesthouses in six islands
  • Thaa atoll: One resort and seven guesthouses in five islands
  • Laamu atoll: Two resorts and five guesthouses on one island
  • Gaaf Alif atoll: Six resorts, one hotel, and 13 guesthouses in six islands
  • Gaaf Dhaal atoll: Three resorts and nine guesthouses in four islands
  • Fuvahmulah City: 24 guesthouses
  • Addu City in Seenu atoll: Two resorts, one hotel, and 20 guesthouses

The tourism industry is a lifeline of the Maldivian economy, contributing approximately 28% of the country’s GDP. Recognizing its importance, the government has been proactive in its efforts to revive the sector, with a keen focus on attracting more tourists to this breathtaking destination.