As the world celebrates International Women’s Day today, read on the journey of an inspiring woman from the Maldives, a fitness trainer proving that dreams do come true- big or small, male or female.

Kai is a fitness trainer from the Maldives who helps celebrities keep in shape and improve their fitness. Based in Male, word of her genius has spread to high-end resorts in Maldives where she is regularly invited to stay and help high profile guests visiting the Maldives on their holidays to keep in shape. During her career she has worked with six exclusive resorts and has visited many more for leisure. She helps with fat loss, muscle toning and conditioning, boxing training and kids training as well as for sharing fitness related content online.

“Fitness is my passion, and I am blessed to be able to do what I love every day”

“I have had the privilege to train big celebrity names and movie stars. One of my favourite resorts is Chevel Blanc Randheli where I have worked for extended periods and I have grown to love it. I think for vacation almost any resort in Maldives is ideal and beautiful.”

Kai has been in the fitness game for 12 years, ‘stumbling on it after leaving High School. She said: “Me and my best friend started going to the gym back in 2006 and I enjoyed attending various classes. I worked as a schoolteacher back then and did my basic training before joined a gym and eventually became a fitness instructor full time.

Starting Train with Kai with nothing but with ‘big dreams’ she is an inspiration for all young women to aspire to.

”I am lucky to have a supportive family and encouraging friends who have rooted for me from day one,” shares Kai. “My business partner is my best friend. I do not think Train with Kai would reach so many milestones without her. My parents also contribute by giving unconditional support to my brand.

“I had reached one of the lowest points in my life where I had to start my career from scratch. I was determined to start on my own and build a brand that would inspire people, change lives, and create a positive impact in fitness. We started from outdoor bootcamps and personal training.

Eventually, there were multiple outdoor bootcamps across Maldives at multiple islands. We were able to create a passion for fitness among people who never even thought about fitness before. I strive to inspire fitness as a lifestyle rather than a chore you need to do.”

Not only does she do private training classes, Kai also runs bootcamps in Malé and Hulhumale in the early morning and late evening. Currently these group sessions are on hold due to the current Covid-19 situation, but now she conducts classes virtually, offering downloadable content for her followers.  She has a varied clientele, mainly women, although she says there is no ‘ideal client’.

“As a fitness trainer, my job is to embrace the differences among us and help clients to achieve the best version of themselves”

“Some clients are goal-oriented while others are more focused on general health. It all depends on individual goals.”

“The majority of the client’s base are women, and they come from different backgrounds. When we get together to work out, we have the best of times despite all of them being so different from one another. We are a fitness family where there is a place for everyone.”

Her advice to someone wanting to work their fitness is to spend 30-45 minutes daily investing in their health. “The activity depends on their personal fitness goals. More cardio and HIIT for weight loss, weights or aerobic exercises can be useful for maintenance, heavy lifting for gains etc. Amount of time and type of exercise can vary; however, one must always make time and prioritize their fitness.”

When asked how important diet is in maintaining a slim figure she said: “maintaining a healthy diet is essential for a healthy life. If you want to keep your body at the same level; consistency, calorie control, active lifestyle, and balanced diet are one of the many things to focus on. Diet is vital.

“I am inspired by every client’s transformation success story. We need to see a big change in physical appearance and mental health to call it a transformation, and I find their strength and their motivation astonishing.”

Kai enjoys group classes most of all, specially ‘Muay Thai’ but she also enjoys personal training. For Kai client interaction is important to her brand and it embodies everything she represents.

Her top tips to share with clients wanting to get fit is to have consistency.“ Without being constant with your fitness it would be challenging to maintain it. Be dependable with your diet, your lifestyle and exercise frequently. Be sure to get enough sleep and hydrate. Be mindful of your mental health because it is just as important as your physical health. Balancing is important. Do what works for you, there is no perfect method.”

Lockdown has enabled people to be more active and is sometimes necessary for our sanity. Being cooped inside the house was a struggle, especially during the early weeks when lockdown was initially starting. Now we are much acclimated to being home more frequently.

Most of Kai’s clients are from Maldives as the company is based in Malé, however she also has international clients who are expats sometimes.Last year she was selected as one of the international ambassadors for the Dubai Fitness Challenge -an annual event based in Dubai where they hold a month-long fitness festival across the city with different activities such as marathons and cycling.

For the year 2021, Kai has focused her Instagram feed to promote exquisite beaches of the Maldives. She has made many friends across the globe through Instagram who are fitness enthusiasts, and this has enabled many opportunities for Train with Kai.

Kai has always been inspired by the mindset, lifestyle and the  culture of the Japanese people making  Japan her favourite country to visit. She travels to Phuket every year for her Muay Thai trainings.: “I absolutely love that island, what it represents. I do frequently travel to Austria and Germany.”

Kai is the founder of @trainwithkai and @bootcamp.twk. She is a certified body transformation and a Muaythai coach, a certified sports nutritionist plus an ambassador for @dubaifitnesschallenge

Donna Richardson
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