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Maldives is Louis Vuitton equivalent in tourism, economic minister says

Maldives Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed asserted on Thursday that Maldives is the epitome of tourism, akin to Louis Vuitton in the world of shopping, and no amount of envy can diminish its stature.

Speaking at the launch of the government’s ‘Women for Tourism’ initiative, aimed at bolstering female participation in the tourism sector, Saeed declared Maldivian tourism as the benchmark for global trends.

“If tourism is arranged on a high street in the world, then Maldives will set the trend… Maldives will set the trend of luxury tourism,” he stated.

Highlighting the industry’s growth and resilience over the past 50 years, Saeed emphasised the improvement in the quality of services offered to tourists. He underscored the significance of robust marketing, service, and inevitable competition, anticipating an increase in envy from rival destinations.

While acknowledging the emergence of competing beach destinations, Saeed confidently dismissed any contender, asserting Maldives’ unmatched standing.

“… Even if not from a single city, in gastronomy, food and beverage, I don’t think there is any other small island destination that can beat Maldives,” Saeed remarked.

Considering the low representation of women in the industry, constituting only 0.01% of the sector’s workforce, Saeed identified this as a challenge and advocated for a more significant role for women in the tourism sector.

Providing context to the industry’s economic impact, Saeed shared that tourism accounts for 40% of Maldives’ economy, with USD 80 out of every USD 100 derived from this sector. The 2022 census indicated a total of 52,482 people employed in the tourism industry, with a meagre 891 women among the 15,597 locals working in the sector.

Saeed concluded by expressing the government’s vision and determination to further expand the industry, noting that despite challenges, they possess the resolve and capability to navigate through them.

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