Maldives Top 10 Local Islands for Tourists

According to the latest update by the Ministry of Tourism on 17th March 2022, there are 643 guesthouses in the Maldives with a total of 11,212 beds. The highest number of beds are in Greater Male’ Area, followed by Maafushi and Thoddoo.

We bring you a list of the top ten local islands in Maldives for guesthouse tourism in terms of beds, along with the top reviewed guesthouses on the islands as per

Greater Male’ Area (Male’ City, Hulhumale’ City, Vilimale’)

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Image Source: h78, Hulhumale City

The Greater Male’ Area is referred to the capital city Male’ and the neighbouring islands of Hulhumale’ and Vilimale’. There are 74 guesthouses with 2,362 beds in the region. While Hulhumale’ is connected to Male’ with a bridge, Vilimale’ is just a ten-minute ferry ride from the city. This easy accessibility, industrialisation and proximity to the Velana International Airport has led to the Greater Male’ Area to have the most number of guesthouse beds in the country. Dhimaayath Stay in Male’ (110 beds), Marukab Plaza in Male’ (80 beds) and Unima Grand in Male’ (74 beds) have the highest number of beds in the region. Meanwhile, top rated guesthouses are Tourist Inn, Sala Boutique Hotel and Six in One in Male’ City; h78, Hotel Ocean Grand and Dreams Grand in Hulhumale’.

K. Maafushi

Image Source: Kaani Grand Seaview, Maafushi

Maafushi has 46 guesthouses with 1,578 total beds and is one of the most popular local tourism islands. A speedboat ride directly from the airport to the island can take about 45 minutes while the public ferry from Male’ City to Maafushi takes about 90 minutes. There are several dive and recreation centres on the island.  Kaani Palm Beach (210 beds), Kaani Grand Seaview (130 beds) and Triton Prestige (100 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses are Sun Shine View, Stingray Beach Inn and Sunrise Beach.

A.A Thoddoo

Image Source: Relax Residence, Thoddoo

Thoddoo in Alif Alif Atoll is well-known for its greenery and farming of fresh fruits such as watermelon. The island recently celebrated the operation of 50 guesthouses on the island, which totalled the number of beds to 650. A speedboat ride from Velana airport is about one hour 15 minutes to Thoddoo while public ferry from Male’ could take more than four hours. Relax Residence (30 beds), Jeym Lodge (28 beds) and Tranquil Thoddoo (26 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses include Summer Inn Thoddoo, Thoddoo White Sand Inn and Sky Inn Thoddoo.

K. Thulusdhoo

Image Source: Reef Edge Thulusdhoo

Thulusdhoo in Kaafu Atoll is renowned for its surf points such as Cokes, Chickens and Ninjas. There are 31 guesthouses in the island with 488 beds. Local ferry from Male’ takes about 85 minutes while a speedboat takes 25 minutes directly from the airport. Season Paradise (96 beds), Coral Inn (28 beds), Reef Edge (24 beds) and Canopus Retreat Thulusdhoo (24 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses include Reef Edge Thulusdhoo, Akiri Surf Retreat and Samura Maldives Guest House Thulusdhoo.

K. Dhiffushi

Image Source: Sky Beach Dhiffushi

Dhiffushi has the fifth highest number of beds with 476 beds in 25 guesthouses. The island is just 37 km from the airport and takes 45 minutes by speedboat and three hours by local public ferry from Male’. Sky Beach Dhiffushi (56 beds), Araamu Holidays and Spa (46 beds) and Blu Dhiffushi (40 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses on the island include Ameera Maldives, Infinity Dhiffushi and Rashu Hiyaa.

A.A. Rasdhoo

Image Source: Holiday Garden Rasdhoo

A popular dive destination, Rasdhoo in Alif Alif Atoll features 27 guesthouses with a total of 362 beds. A speedboat takes one hour 20 minutes from Male and ferry about three hours. Club Gabbiano (32 beds), Rasdhoo Grand and Spa (24 beds) and Rasdhoo Stay (24 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses include Holiday Garden Rasdhoo, Acqua Blu Rasdhoo and Rasdhoo Stay.

A.A. Ukulhas

Image Source: West Sands Ukulhas

Home to a stunning beach and amazing reef, Ukulhas features 24 guesthouses with a total of 348 beds. A speedboat takes about 90 minutes to reach the island from Male’ while the public ferry takes about four hours. The Ranthari (42 beds), Paguro Beach Inn (38 beds) and West Sands Ukulhas (30 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses include Paguro Beach Inn, SeaLaVie Inn and Trip Villa.

A.Dh. Dhigurah

Image Source: TME Retreats Dhigurah

Translating to long island, Dhigurah is about three kilometers long and just 250 meters wide. The island has 15 guesthouses with a total of 312 beds. Dhigurah is reachable via a 20-minute domestic flight from Velana Airport to Maamigili Airport, followed by a short speedboat to Dhigurah, or directly by a two-hour speedboat. White Sand Dhigurah (48 beds), Dhiguveli (38 bed) and Grand Beach Dhigurah (36 beds) have the island number of beds. TME Retreats Dhigurah was awarded Leading Guesthouse by MATATO Maldives Travel Awards in 2014. Top reviewed guesthouses include Ithaa Dhigurah, Boutique Beach All Inclusive Diving Hotel and Dhigurah Beach Inn.

K. Guraidhoo

Image Source: Guraidhoo Palm Inn

Guraidhoo features 308 beds in 23 guesthouses. The island is 31 km from Male’, a two-hour ferry ride or a 45-minute speedboat ride. Ocean Retreat and Spa (34 beds), Athens View (30 beds) and Guraidhoo Palm Inn (30 beds) have the highest number of beds. Top reviewed guesthouses include Kaafu Inn Guraidhoo, Moodhumaa Inn and IRIS Beach Residence.


Image Source: Zero Degree Residence, Fuvahmulah

The third largest atoll in the Maldives and the country’s only single island administrative atoll, Fuvahmulah is the furthest island to Male’ on this list. Located 500 km south of Male’, Fuvahmulah features 256 beds in 20 guesthouses. A domestic flight via VIA-Fuvahmulah Airport takes around one hour 30 minutes. The island attracts divers from around the world and has also been declared a UNESCO Biosphere reserve. The highest number of beds are in Ataraxis Grand and Spa (30 beds), Zero Degree Residence (24 beds), Scuba Residence (22 beds) and Veyli Residence (22 beds). Top reviewed guesthouses include Endhaa, Divers Home; Cottage 316 Fuvahmulah and Calyx Grand Fuvahmulah.

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