Marco Cavallero from Caffé Vergnano Discusses its History and Heritage

The renowned Italian coffee brand Caffé Vergnano, which was first offered in the Maldives in 2014, has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Providing coffee offerings at resorts like Jumeirah Maldives, OBLU Ailafushi/Lobigili, Diamonds Athuruga, and Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, to mention a few.

Recently, we met with Marco Cavallero, Export Business Development Manager from Caffè Vergnano S.p.A., who oversees this region, which encompasses 35 countries, on the lovely sandy beaches of the Maldives to discuss their coffee and future-plans in the country.

What is the history and heritage of Caffe Vergnano?

Founded in 1882, Caffé Vergnano is Italy’s oldest coffee roasting company. For 140 years, and over four generations, we have stayed true to tradition, exporting the ethos of authentic Italian espresso around the world. The consumer is at the centre of everything we do.  We believe that every coffee we create tells a unique story. It’s a story of the journey of each coffee bean, from the country of origin to the cup we hold in our hands. We want every espresso we create and every product we make, to express the best of Italian coffee culture. Uniting our global customers in one experience of authentic quality coffee.

So, with passion in our hearts and minds we move ahead.

What makes Caffé Vergnano a unique and distinguished coffee?

As a company we pay great attention to the selection and roasting of green beans. Because it is only with this level of attention to detail that coffee culture can truly grow and flourish. Every single day we grind, roast, taste and test our coffee. This is how perfect recipes are created, using traditional techniques inherited from our ancestors.

We have nurtured strong relationships with selected coffee producers around the world for over 40 years, choosing only those who can meet and exceed our high-quality standards.

We monitor every relationship meticulously. Before purchasing green coffee, a sample is sent to our office in Turin where specialists personally test the coffee, analysing its quality and origin. Then, only if everything is entirely satisfactory, are the beans selected.

Then, when the coffee reaches a European port, another sample is sent to Turin to ensure its quality has remained perfect throughout the shipment process. All coffee beans are carefully stored, origin by origin, in our Santena site, where the roasting process takes place.

What is the importance of ‘Roasting’ and what is special about the Caffé Vergnano process?

Roasting is the most delicate stage of the coffee production process.

To achieve a perfect balance between aroma and intensity, coffee beans must be roasted to perfection, bearing in mind that they are all different in shape and size. This is achieved by slow roasting, a traditional method that guarantees a uniform cooking. This process achieves the perfect roast, taking into account the uniqueness, shape and size of each coffee bean. This slowness makes the roasting process even and balanced. And because we follow every step meticulously, and slowly, the aroma of our coffee will always be perfect.

How does Caffé Vergnano view its social responsibility?

We’re building a future that creates value for people – from employees to business partners and suppliers with whom we share values of respect, ethical working, and transparency.

Our unique production process is increasingly focused on the use of sustainable raw materials, food safety and carefully monitored ethical work practices. For instance, our sourcing is entirely of coffee beans from organically farmed plantations, respecting nature and local ecosystems.

The UTZ COFFEE certificate allows to identify and enhance all the products respecting environmental and social responsibility requirements.

Our production and innovation are focused on the use of recycled and recyclable materials, so our used products can be reused as resources or disposed of in complete harmony with the environment.

Women in Coffee is another key Caffè Vergnano social responsibility project. Launched in 2018 in collaboration with the International Women Coffee Alliance (ICWA), it aims to sustain small communities of female coffee producers. The project is in constant evolution and supports initiatives that promote female empowerment, inclusion, and respect.

What is the role played by your local business partner – Bestbuy Maldives (BBM)?

We travel the planet bringing Caffè Vergnano’s quality and passion to over 60 countries. By virtue of working with Caffé Vergnano for the Maldives, BBM has become of our extended family that makes its love for coffee, a way of life – living and breathing our coffee and proudly representing Italian excellence in Maldives.

BBM has accelerated adoption of Caffé Vergnano by premium resorts in the Maldives. Jumeirah signing on exclusively with Caffé Vergnano is a significant testimony of our success in Maldives; and we are looking to achieve greater heights over the next few quarters.