Medianet Cruise

Introducing the Medianet Cruise service: targeted to the main two marinas at the capital, it provides the means for everyone on liveaboards to be entertained with the best cable TV content from around the globe.

Tech Review: Essential Business-Class computing

OptiPlex 3040 simplifies business computing with best-in-class security and manageability, and smaller energy-efficient designs.

Ooredoo Maldives: New age technology for the new age traveller

The Indian Ocean’s travel destinations are seeing seismic shifts in travel patterns and consumer behaviour. Today’s traveller is giving way to tomorrow’s new age traveller, and the consumer landscape is shifting from Europe to Asia.

DOAV – Trailblazing Professional Audio-Visual Systems Integrator

Founded in 2010, DOAV introduced game-changing services to the Maldives, such as systems design, installation, and service contracts.