The Nautilus Maldives – An Ultra-Luxe Island for Yourself

With Additional Writing by Rawha Waheed and Meera Moosa

The Nautilus, an ultra-luxury hideaway set within the pristine waters of the renowned Baa Atoll, offers the ultimate private island experience. The full island buyout is perfect for hosting private events, from corporate retreats with colleagues to all-out parties surrounded by family and friends. Designed for those seeking the utmost luxury, The Nautilus presents 26 lavish houses and residences, world-class unscripted dining, and utterly bespoke experiences, all tailored to the whims and wishes of guests. Whether they are seeking a tropical hideaway or a secluded escape with loved ones, the island buyout offers an experience unrivalled in exclusivity.

The Nautilus Concept

The Nautilus is a Maldivian-owned and operated ultra-luxury private island resort. Conceptualised by a Maldivian hospitality icon instrumental in creating many award-winning resorts, The Nautilus represents what ultra-luxury hospitality should be, not just in the Maldives, but across the world. The legacy of this visionary entrepreneur is now carried forward by the next generation of the family. Those who have had the honour of spending time with the brilliant hotelier avow that The Nautilus offers glimpses of his extraordinary personality in different aspects, adding to the property’s character and uniqueness. Carefully crafted, every minute detail of the private island resort serves a purpose. The Nautilus believes that the ultimate luxury lies in freedom, and thus offers a space where time stands still, and guests are free to do and be, as they please. The ultra-luxury private island captures what can be achieved beyond the limitations of time, creating an architecture of whims that uniquely fit together. With its bohemian vibe and colour schemes and the perpetual curved designs inspired by the nautilus shell, The Nautilus is a collection of rich architecture, design and consideration.

Nautilus-15Featured Image: Naiboli Poolside Bar, The Nautilus Maldives

Your Home Away from Home

Presenting a haven where one can unwind and slowdown in this fast-paced world, The Nautilus features 26 ultra-luxurious houses and residences. The Beach and Ocean Houses, Residences, The Nautilus Retreat, and The Nautilus Mansion offer unmatched seclusion and space. The private island comes with 17 houses, of which nine are perched directly on the beach and another eight floating over the cerulean lagoon. Every beach and ocean house are complete with separate living rooms, private temperature-controlled infinity pools and plenty of private space. Boasting unspoilt views, the stunning residences come with a spacious living room, dining area, kitchen/bar, and a large sundeck with a private infinity pool.

The Nautilus_Ocean Houses and ResidencesFeatured Image: Ocean Houses and Residences, The Nautilus Maldives

Whilst every space on the private island resort presents a haven of relaxation, The Nautilus’s Retreat and Mansion offers the ultimate in luxury. With 542 square meters of space, The Nautilus Retreat is set overwater and features two bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, a central living area with dining rooms, sundeck and a private pool. Perfectly screened off from the world, the lodging offers unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean. The Nautilus Mansion, a 922 square-meter bohemian castle set by the beach, features three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a large sundeck, a private pool, spacious living and dining areas and more. With a private butler, named House Master, ensuring that every little detail is personalised to guests’ specific needs, the space offers a personal sanctum that combines tropical luxury with the deeply relaxing comforts of home.

The Nautilus Maldives_July19-0081Featured Image: The Nautilus Mansion, The Nautilus Maldives

Personalised Celebrations

Spanning six hectares, The Nautilus offers abundant space to celebrate any occasion. The Nautilus is fit for any occasion, from beach weddings, family reunions, and birthday bashes to banquets stretching across the whole island and ultra-luxury corporate retreats. Whether it is something grand and extensive, or an intimate ceremony, the private island resort offers an incomparable destination hidden away from the outside world. Not confined to the island itself, celebrations at The Nautilus can extend to luxury yachts where guests can cruise around the gorgeous waters of the Baa Atoll.

Unscripted Dining

The Nautilus presents features four dining venues with an array of exquisite cuisines. In keeping with the spirit of freedom, gastronomy is delivered in the unique style of unscripted dining. With no set timings for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and unrestricted, off-script take on menus, each meal is a culinary masterpiece displaying ultimate personalisation. Guests can have breakfast for dinner, drinks in bed and desserts at midnight, as they please. From intriguing  fusions of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine at Zeytoun, Japanese and Latin-American flavours at Ocaso, to a variety of global delicacies at Thyme, guests can savour their favourite flavours anytime, and anywhere.

Nautilus-31Featured Image: Zeytoun Lounge & Restaurant, The Nautilus Maldives

Nautilus-17Featured Image: Private Dining, The Nautilus Maldives

Free Spirited Experiences

Nestled within the untouched beauty of the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, The Nautilus’s experience extends beyond the island’s shores. The atoll is home to an array of marine life and world-renowned diving spots, making it perfect for ocean lovers and guests seeking an adrenaline-pumping excursion on waters. For those looking for a more soothing time, bespoke holistic spa treatments at overwater Solasta Spa ensure the utmost relaxation. From calm vacations to exclusive celebrations or corporate events, The Nautilus will curate a selection of activities suited to each individual.

An Island Just for You

Experience luxury at its finest with the utmost freedom at The Nautilus. Catering up to 70 guests, The Nautilus is the ultimate private island buyout. To start planning your exclusive island buyout or for more information, contact or visit