World Travel Monitor® Identifies Maldives as Most Popular Travel Destination in 2022

In 2022, Maldives was identified as the most popular travel destination by  The World Travel Monitor® by IPK International. The Destination Performance Index (DPI) asked travelers if they were satisfied with their trip, would recommend it to others and whether they would return, Maldives earned the top place followed by Dubai and Cyprus.

In 2022, the survey found that vacations were the main purpose of travel, enjoying 70% of the market share. Within the holiday travel market, sun and beach trips were the most popular, with 90% growth from the previous year, comprising 35% market share.

The World Travel Monitor® found that although the average duration of an international trip was similar to pre-pandemic, the average travel expenses rose. Despite traveler’s incomes remaining stable, travelers spent more due to inflation and reduced availability of flights and services.

The IPK surveys indicate that positive growth and recovery of the global tourism industry will continue in 2023. The outbound travel figures for 2019 are within reach for a majority of source markets and travel destinations. The results indicate that there is an uninterrupted desire for international travel in 2023.

The World Travel Monitor® by IPK International is a comprehensive tourism database analyzing outbound travel trends. The population representative survey reports on European, Arabian, Asian, North and South American outbound travel behavior, covering more than 90% of the international travel demand.

Featured Image: Unsplash