Why you should invest in digital media: paid vs. organic reach

That time of the year has come. Hoteliers in the Maldives and around the world are spending countless hours budgeting for the next financial year, making occupancy forecasts and elaborating strategies that would bring solid results in this very competitive environment. Digital marketers, however, as part of sales & marketing teams, find themselves struggling to […]

How island resorts are stepping up in social media today

The golden days of outstanding organic reach in social media are finished. That’s a fact. Over the last five years, most of Maldives’ island resorts have been hard at work to keep up with the latest social media trends ensuring that their brand identity would gain a spot on digital platforms. Magic? No, it’s focus. […]

Digital media trends for travel and tourism 2018

Connectivity, messaging, fast communication. Today, the key to digital success for brands operating in travel and tourism is all about engagement. But in this ever-changing digital ecosystem where what goes down today is forgotten tomorrow, how do brands stay afloat? Let’s take a look at the digital media trends for travel and tourism this year: […]