Wellness for Wellness Leaders – “You can only give what you have”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For hands-on spa & wellness professionals it seems evident to be routed in a strong wellness philosophy & practice; seemingly the foundation of their work. But is that the reality? Busy working schedules, caring services, physical demands of therapy work, energetic exchange, customer care and attention to client’s well-being, dealing with adversity, worries and fears, […]

Wellness: The Art of Living in Balance

Most of us wish to live a balanced life yet most of the time, this is more an aspiration, a priority on our top-A list, than a reality.

Industry Expert: The Art of Letting Go: Digital Detox – Disconnect to Reconnect

Renate Hermes, group spa director at Duniye Spas discusses the role spas can play in enabling guests to detox from their online lives.

Industry Expert: The Wellness Ripple Effect: Maldives, a wellness haven

Group Spa Director for Duniye Spas, Renate Hermes, shares ideas for integrating wellness resort-wide, exclusively for Hotelier Maldives.

Renate Hermes, Group Spa Director at Duniye Spas on Wellness Trends

Renate Hermes, Group Spa Director at Duniye Spas discusses the future of the spa industry.